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Thursday, September 12, 2013


larry kurtz

US forces rained white phosphorus on Fallujah killing and maiming children: how just is that, Professor?

Troy Jones

To be a just war under the JWT as outlined by the original author (who never amended), action must meet all.

There is nothing just about what has been proposed.

larry kurtz

Syria is just another strategic ambiquity:


larry kurtz

Nobody has disproved that Mossad or IDF gassed Syria:


larry kurtz

How just a war was Vietnam?

"Despite the popular portrayal of the CIA as patriotic guys and girls risking everything to do a dirty job, the typical CIA officer is a sociopath without the guts to go it alone in the underworld. They gravitate to the CIA because they are protected there by the all-powerful Cult of Death that rules America."


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