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Sunday, August 04, 2013


Mark Anderson

When I read the sentence, "If the President understood his job as setting the agenda for policies to be enacted by Congress", I had to laugh. The entire Republican agenda is to not enact anything by Obama. If he wants something to pass, he'd better not even mention it.
Remember the Republican mantra on ObamaCare, "repeal and replace". That's down to "repeal", there was never any replacement even considered. 40 votes to repeal, when there is no hope of any repeal, the GOP has to get real with their supporters. I know why they don't, because then they would have a primary opponent, so it's going to be a long three more years until Hillary gets elected and then it's the same thing again.

Ken Blanchard

Mark: the fact that the President's job is made more difficult by the existence of a second party doesn't excuse him from trying to do it. That Republicans will likely oppose his agenda doesn't excuse him from presenting an agenda.

President Obama has acknowledged on several occasions that our entitlement system is unsustainable and in need of reform. He has offered no such reforms. That isn't the Republicans fault. It's Obama's fault. You stand in a very long line of enablers.


"If the President understood his job as setting the agenda for policies to be enacted by Congress, he might want to step back and ask why the present economic recovery has been so terribly anemic with regard to job creation. He might want to ask why labor force participation has decline precipitously, or why so many of the jobs recently created are part time." There are two simple answers to this problem - Obamacare and the continued expansion of govt regs. Neither of these two things do one iota to increase economic recovery or job creation. Sure, there are other problems, but these two are the most destructive. Get the govt out of the way and things would improve substantially! But I really believe that Obama is perfectly happy with expanding the federal govt and peoples' dependency on it, and no one has the cajones to step up and stop him.

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