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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Mark Anderson

I totally agree with you, you just have to suspend any kind of belief in physics, no problem. One small thing, Independence Day was a total "borrowing" to say it lightly as an old sci-fi fan, Independence Day was done quickly and built on the slower filming of, Mars Attacks(it really trashed it). There is apparently going to be an Independence Day 2 in the next year or two, Pacific Rim hopefully will make the 400 million or so it needs to succeed. I can't believe I just said that. One thing Pacific Rim was made to succeed around the world, with heros from many countries, Del Toro is a Mexican after all.

Ken Blanchard

Thanks for the comment, Mark. I think we are in agreement. This was not quite cartoon physics but it was surely Hollywood physics. I am okay with that.

Yes, Independence Day borrowed a lot; still, the references to that movie were blatant. That is not a criticism; it is just a note.

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