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Monday, July 15, 2013



Should Zimmerman have gotten out of his car to see where the person he was watching was going? Probably not. But if you believe his account, he was doing nothing illegal. Yes, he had a loaded gun. What is the point of having a gun if it is not loaded? He had it for protection. That is why the six gun was called the equalizer. Also, if you believe Zimmerman's account, he was just seeing where Martin was going and was even on his way back to the car. Martin jumped him. And if getting your head smashed into the concrete is not a reason to believe the person who says you are going to die tonight is not a reason to use the loaded weapon as a means of self-defense, I don't know what is. I would not call that "incredibly bad judgement". And I will be curious as to how you come up with negligent homicide. I would think that a person does not have to assume the person you meet will try to bash your head into the concrete.

Jon S.

Dugger, I am no lawyer. Yes, I think it'd also be hard to get a conviction on negligent homicide, but that'd be much easier to prove than any of the charges that get to Zimmerman's intent. He clearly did not intend Martin any harm. But that doesn't mean we wasn't careless. To be clear, though, I think there is more fault on the side of the one who instigated violence (Martin) than Zimmerman.

Mark Anderson

Yes, Martin made a bad decision, but if he had gotten Zimmerman's gun and shot Zimmerman dead, he could have claimed self defense and gotten the same verdict. The law in Florida is so vague about this, that's is jump ball, if you get into a fight, kill the other guy, say you were frightened and it's OK.

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