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Sunday, April 07, 2013


Donald Pay

Do you think that continual Republican obstruction might have a bit to do with this? Lots of high level positions aren't filled because of Republican attempts to do what the Nazis did--purposely make government look incompetent so that they could take over. The Republican assault on democracy, freedom and commonsense government is the cause of most of our problems. Get rid of Republican obstruction, and you solve all the problems.

The budget nonsense is a great meme, but stupid. The House budget is a joke that no one wit any sense thinks is anywhere near what we need. The entire budget process has been a joke since 2001, when the Republicans did away with pay go, put drug benefits and two wars off-budget and tank the economy because of a failure to pay attention to Wall Street criminality.


Obama came into office with only one talent, and that was oratorical ability (not truthful oratory, but words that sounded good). Also he was a Black, which attracted 95% of the Black vote plus a good share of the white vote who wanted to prove they weren't racist. But he was lacking any executive experience, any leadership qualities (unless community organizer qualified), any ability or willingness to build coalitions and work in a bipartisan manner. And now we see the results of electing this type of person one of the most important positions in the world. Don't blame GOP for Obama's lack of qualifications and the ramifications of such. And also Obama has no respect for the Constitution or the rule of law; he has stated just such, which is treasonous on its face. But he gets away with it. Pathetic.

Donald Pay

I've noticed this meme as the latest corporate journalism/right wing media meme of the week. Search Google and you get a lot of recent echo chamber articles/pieces on this. Shoulda figured KB would be doing this.

Republicans are complaining because government isn't doing its job? Interesting. They also complain when government does its job. Republicans are just scurvy whiners. Give them a subject and wait one second for their high-pitched whine.

Republicans continually obstruct, refusing to confirm high-level people who have to implement any changes that the American people want. It's not surprising to me that nothing can get done, given Republican obstruction.

Ken Blanchard

Sure, Donald. I get it. When the President establishes a jobs council and then doesn't bother to meet with it, Republicans must have formed a line in front of the door! When he failed to produce a budget on time, they must have poured hot chocolate into his lap top. The NYT's complains that Republicans are responsible for the fact that 85 judicial posts are vacant, never mind that the President has failed to nominate persons for about sixty of those positions. But is it really the Republican's fault that he can't get a budget ready in time? Is it really the fault of John Boehner that no Democrats have voted for his last two budgets?


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