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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Julie Gross (NE)

I recall a lecture in constitutional law some years ago: the subject was the Civil Rights Amendments, and the professor called on a student, inquiring as to when these were enacted. After some pause ,the student replied, "the Sixties." The professor was just about to acknowledge a correct answer when he caught himself, and inquired, "which Sixties?" The student replied, "the 1960s"! AHHHH!!

Now, this may not be common knowledge, but we're talking about 22+ year olds with bachelors degrees in law school studying the Constitution!

Donald Pay

We elected G.W. Bush, whose knowledge of Middle East history was so sparce that, even when he was President, he didn't know the difference between Sunni and Shia. Then, of course, we have Romney and others on this blog who can't remember even recent current events regarding what was said about Benghazi. And we have the right's astro-turf "scientists" throwing out non-scientific propaganda on climate change.

The right spends a lot of time tsk-tsking Common Core, but seem to be most in need of a big dose of a remdial course in basic history and science. By the way common core is not an Obama administration initiative.

larry kurtz

Julie: your beard makes you like a creeper.


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The education field believes that learning is simply a process. For example, for many years I was involved with a now blessedly defunct federal program called Teaching American History, a program to help history teachers bone up on history content.

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Donald Pay, don't forget that Obama thought there were 57 states and could not pronounce corpsman. He admits that he got mediocre grades but won't release any college records. Yeah, he's really smart; if you don't believe that, just ask him.

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