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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Donald Pay

"Now comes a finding...." Interesting spin. "Now" apparently refers to last October, when a part of this study was published. Climate deniers somehow want to claim this is new information. It might be new to them, but it is hardly new that climate scientists are trying to refine their understanding of the interactions involved in greenhouse gas forcing of climate change. The denier hysterics attempts to define this as a "negative finding" is laughable. It is one study whose result actually supports greenhouse gas being implicated in climate change. It does, however, seem to indicate that the forcing may be a little bit less powerful than some climate change models suggest. And, once again, we have the denier nuts out in force trying to b.s. about this study. Disgusting.

Stephen Coppinger

Idiot! It is easy to poke holes in scientific theories - scientists are not lawyers or politicians and do not bias their reports in the way the writer above does. He may be right that we are not going to do anything but that will be our detriment in the long term. Unfortunately humans generally find it difficult to think in the long term, and politicians beyond the next election. Global warming is real, there is overwhelming evidence that we are largely responsible and short term posturing about the rate of change is foolish. We are seeing significant effects from global warming much earlier than anticipated and it will be bad for most humans, crowded together with vulnerable infrastructure links. And there is money to be made from working to utilise new technologies to reduce the dangerous side effects of global warming!


Deny this:

Science agrees that it’s real but not a real crisis.

Liberals and media are the only ones saying a crisis will actually happen since science has only said it “could” and “might” etc. happen and it’s been 27 years of research. Science didn’t lie and studying the effects and rarely causes of an assumed to be real climate change crisis isn’t a crime.

Not one IPCC warning is without “maybes”. The ultimate crisis needs the ultimate proof, not “maybe”.

Donald Pay

Science doesn't make those sorts of judgements, but science can point to many potentially serious problems that if not addressed leads to what any thinking person would call a "crisis."

In geologic terms, it is very rare that this amount of climate change happens in such short amount of time. The amount of melting of polar ice is unprecedented. The level of change in the biota is also unprecedented. If you don't value any of this, I suppose you can ignore it, but most people would say if a canary dies in the mine, it may not be a crisis for you yet, but it's about to be. You can be part of the solution, or part of the problem.

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Global warming and cooling has been going on since the time Earth was first formed. Right here in South Dakota, there used to be Thunder Lizards, animals that cannot survive in severe cold. The Vikings settled in lands that were warm at the time of the settlement and then the climate changed over just a few centuries. Earth will warm and Earth will cool whether humans do anything or not.

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