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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Donald pay

Define "productive economy."

Julie Gross (NE)

Was secession a bad joke when Democrats spoke of it in late 2004?

The US supported the Czech Republic & Slovakia separating. The US supported Sudan & South Sudan separating.

Bill Fleming

It's always a bad idea to actually do it, Julie.

You are of course free to shoot your big mouth off about it all you want.

But if it actually goes down, just remember, that's when the guns come out.

And subsequently, other things besides mouths will get shot off.

So yeah, as jokes go, discussion of secession is one of the worst ones.

Stan Gibilisco

Wonder when we'll start talking about +quadrillions+ of dollars.

As for secession, it's the whole wrong way to go. Now is the time to come together, not drift apart.

As I see it ... When the fit hits the Shan, those who cooperate will survive. Those who compete will die.

larry kurtz

Mexico's economy is about the same as California's. President Obama is there now maybe talking about Statehood with her president-elect.

Donald Pay

No one can seem to define "productive economy." I can only conclude that taking more and more from some undefined entity that is thrown out in an blog to sound good is really not a problem that anyone needs to be concerned about.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: the productive economy is that part of the economy that produces more wealth than it consumes. When one nation has to be bailed out by other nations, that nation is consuming more than it produces. For that to work, other nations have to produce more than they consume and they have to be willing to fork it over. Am I going too fast for you? I thought so.

The $86,800,000,000,000 in Federal liabilities mentioned above is not wealth that will be invested in future production. It is wealth that will be consumed if in fact it is paid out, which it won't be. There is no probable scenario under which the economy can support those expenditures.

I can well understand why you think that this not a problem that anyone needs to be concerned about. Those of us who aren't fools take a different view.


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Mark Anderson

Most red states like South Dakota get much more from the federal government than they put in and yet their citizens complain about federal spending, a big conundrum. It should be studied at the college level.

Donald Pay


You have a very limited view of wealth, and don't understand the difference between liabilities and investment. There is good debt and bad debt, just as there are good expenditures and bad expenditures. Wealth that goes into McMansions for the wealthy is not really as productive as wealth that goes into the middle class, the real job creators. A lot of conservative thought on this is really shallow, and just serves their rich funders. Glad to see you are getting out of the politics/economics blog and going into a field you are better at. We even agree on most things Darwinian.

Julie Gross (NE)

Bill Phlegm/Cory:

I'm so glad that you continue to read my posts, in spite of your multiple assertions that you're wasting your own time.

And no, secession does not mean that guns will come out, but your violent tendencies are informative. The violence of which you speak will come from the millions of poor minorities that your boy Obama continues to ignore. Meanwhile, he sends his tax-cheating treasury secretary to talk with the opposition--opposition that he openly placed on his hit list today.

The only violenece will come from the drones again sent by your president to murder US citizens.

And your lack of intellectual ability continues to be unsurprising.


Stan Gibilisco

Forget about secession. That's ridiculous, that's rubbish.

We need a nationwide movement of mass recall petitions aimed at those idiots in Congress who would let billions of people all over the world take the hit for their inability to agree on how to run the country: the job we elected them to do.

Perfectly legal, perfectly sane, and in my opinion, perfectly called for. Why wait for an election? We should fire them now. Every last one of them.

Bill Fleming

Julie, one who advocates for secession surrenders all credibility when it comes to calling into question anyone else's intellectual capacity.

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