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Tuesday, November 06, 2012



Re: Update 8. No kidding! I though four years ago that the election of Barack Obama would bring a rebirth of the Republican party. Someday I will get used to being wrong about things.

Warren Berry

The status quo reigns supreme!!!

Kyle Leon

Actually, Nate Silver does have a degree in economics, though, and
graduated with honors. In addition, Silver is a math wizard....

larry kurtz

RT @BuzzFeedAndrew RT @mattmfm Just how bad was Rasmussen: CT -10, CO -7, IA -7, NH -7, WI -7, VA -5, NV -4, MI -4, FL -3, NC -3, MN -3, OH -2. Avg: 5.2% off.

Donald Pay

Even though the only poll that matters is the one on election day, I never understood the conservative position on debunking polling, based on turnout. I guess they were counting on a far more effective voter suppression effort.

If there was going to be a drop off in Democratic-leaning sporadic voters this time, the Republicans and right-leaning groups essentially assured those people would come out to vote just to defy their efforts to suppress their votes. By threatening to criminalize "voting while black" or "voting while Hispanic" or "voting while a student" into "voter fraud," they created a media circus which drove more and more blacks, Hispanics and students to the polls. Thanks Republicans, you made it far easier to beat you.

Mark Anderson

You should also bring up the fact that the Democrats, losing the house, actually won the popular vote for the house by about half a million. Gerrymandering lives on. Demographics are the wave that Mitt referred to, and it's horrible for Republicans. In Florida they say nominate Rubio next time, but that shows the Republicans are really blind demographically. I was never worried about this election, just followed Nate Silver and Sam Wang all the way.


The loser: Karl Rove--no question mark needed.

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