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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Stan Gibilisco

I heard that comment from the President on NPR as I scarfed down my lunch salad and thought nothing of it; it's just Obama's version of "The buck stops here."

As we all know, the mouth is quicker than the brain sometimes. As we all know, eh Mitt?

Donald Pay

Just a friendly suggestion for McCain and his wife Lindsey: stop being cowards. This couple is always hold hands and hiding behind each others' skirts. The number of people killed as a result of the "terrorist" attacks in the entire Middle East that day were four. That equals the number of students killed at Kent State. The murders of those four students didn't stop the Vietnam War demonstrations, and the murders of those four Americans in Benghazi is not going to stop America's foreign polity.

If McCain and wife Lindsey want to do something real, why don't they investigate the failures in the intelligence community that led, apparently, to this tragedy, and to the vastly greater one this couple supported: the Iraq War.

Mark Anderson

It all depends on which Rice McCain or Graham are talking about. Weapons of mass destruction lead to a war with over a 100,000 deaths but what the hell, she was only giving out intelligence information. We can't apparently have a Democrat giving out intelligence information in the same manner. I'm old enough to remember the 239 Marine deaths during Reagan's tenure, did the Democrats go after him, hell no, he was our President and we were under attack. Republicans can't help themselves, anything in the world goes wrong and it must be Obama's fault. It's just partisanship that we will have to get used to living with. It actually helps in elections and it helps in nominations as we shall see.

Jon S

Umm, Donald? Have you heard of the Iraq Study Group? That one was investigated. I want the president to take Donald's line and say, "Hey, it's just four dead. That's the same as Kent State so it' no big deal." I also enjoy Donald, whose greatest act of courage each day is commenting on blogs, questioning the intestinal fortitude of John McCain.

Donald Pay

Yeah, let's stack up the bodies and view the size of the misjudgements, Jonny boy. When you stack up the bodies of the young men and women killed off by McCain and his wife Lindsey due to their bad judgement about Iraq, it really isn't close. In fact, those two idiots should have turned in their resignations a long, long time ago.

Jon S

There's Donald for ya. I guess the DNC hasn't sent him the memo so he doesn't know what to think. Therefore he resorts to name calling.

Donald Pay

There you go again, Jonny Boy. It's gotta be your full-time job defending these creeps, and now you find yourself working on Sundays---two posts on the Sabbath. You won't get to heaven that way. But then there is no Heaven for you when you sign up to be an apologist for Republican creeps like John and his wife Lindsey, who have been wrong on every foreign policy issue over the last 13 years. Taking your talking points from them is like getting them from Satan.

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