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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Stan Gibilisco

The "fiscal cliff" is the immediate problem facing us. If "they" don't resolve that and the nation goes back into recession ... Well, all I can say is that I'm glad that I don't live in a big city anymore.

The bright side: We South Dakota voters reaffirmed our staunch fiscal conservatism in their votes on the initiated measures. We're going to mind our own fiscal house even if the rest of the country can't mind theirs.

Funny thing ... different people I talked to made different comments. Some are concerned that "they" will take all our guns away. I'm concerned that "they'll" enact measures that end up tripling my electric bill.

We should all be concerned that the Democrats seem bent on suicide. I guess they have a point there. When you're dead, you don't worry about anything. Or so the theory goes. But how do we know, really, until we try it and see?

Donald Pay

The problem with Stan's statement is that South Dakota is a permanent welfare state. It depends on subsidies from the federal government to bail it out of its fiscal mess. South Dakotans have fooled themselves into believing they are "staunch fiscal conservatives." In fact they are the welfare queens, because they won't take fiscal responsibility for themselves.

larry kurtz

Senator-elect Warren: ending ag subsidies would flatten fiscal curve:


Stan Gibilisco

Okay, we're staunch and crafty fiscal conservatives, then.

I wonder what would happen if our whole country became like South Dakota? Maybe then the USA could get China to bail it out of its fiscal mess.

Bill Fleming

Well, KB, you haven't been right about Obama this whole season. Why, if you continue with the same doom a d gloom predictions, do you think your arguments should be worthy of any further consideration now? I recommend purging your cache and history files and a hard reboot. Get a fresh perspective on things.

Donald Pay

"Ignoring the trillion dollar a year deficits won't make them go away either," you say. "The President frequently pays lip service to the problem but he has done nothing serious to address it." You, of course have done nothing serious to address the issue, including stating how you would solve the present deficit crisis.

The quoted statement makes it clear to me you really are not serious about your stated view that public debt and deficits are the genuine issue. Really, you have no clue about the President's proposals? What are your ideas? Do you even know that the budget was in balance before your man GW Bush insisted on his tax cuts, his Medicare Part D program (unpaid), and his wars?You whine incessantly about this problem, yet never propose anything. You are projecting your own insufficient position onto the President, who has proposed a $4+ trillion

Ken Blanchard

Bill: I was wrong about the election and I don't begrudge you the joy of rubbing my nose in it. I would be delighted to learn that I am wrong about the fiscal dilemma facing these United States. If you can explain to me how we are going to pay for the trillions in debt we are racking up each year, I will gladly subscribe to your new math. I note, however, that the interest on the federal debt is now almost as large as the the calculated cost of the Bush era tax cuts. It's going to get larger each year to come, unless the President suddenly and unexpectedly decides to address the problem. How do I "reboot" to make that problem disappear?

Bill Fleming

There are any number of ways to solve the problem KB. Let's encourage our leaders to put their heads together, cut the bullshit, and pick the best one. That's what we hired them to do.

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