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Monday, November 05, 2012


Stan Gibilisco

Obama: 50%, 290
Looks about right.

Romney: 48%, 248
Looks about right.

Vikings: 6-10

Donald Pay

I think the problem in the Republican Party is not that they put up idiots for office, as much as all candidates feel they have to take very extreme positions to appeal to the idiots in their party. Of course the idiots do tend to support idiots so mostly you end up with idiots running.

Tommy Thompson, a former Governor and formerly pretty bipartisan, may lose to a liberal lesbian Congresswoman because, like Mitt, he's had to take positions that are way out of the mainstream. Of course, Thompson's investments in companies that are supplying uranium to help build Iran's nuclear weapon didn't help his cause.

Wisconsin, I think, is going for Obama, because he's a centrist, and because voters can trust he's for the middle class and for more manufacturing, which appeals to the Fox Valley, the key to winning the state. Romney may be too much the CEO to win over the Fox Valley working man.

Jon S

Yes, Obama is a centrist. And that is why he had the most partisan voting record in the Senate. Because of his centrism.

Donald Pay

Health care mandate---Republican idea
Strong military---traditional Republican strength
Trade agreements---traditional Republican position
Tax cuts for small business/middle class---traditional Republican idea

The reason you seem to think Obama is a lefty is because you are so far to the right that anything in the center looks left. Your extremism blinds you to reality.

larry kurtz

South Dakota helped to lead the repeal of the Volstead Act: that would be impossible in today's chemical toilet:



I am a bit surprised to see you call George Allen an idiot Prof. Schaff. Why do you feel that way? Genuinely curious here.

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