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Tuesday, November 06, 2012



315 for Romney? Now that's an outlier.

larry kurtz

That Willard Romney will be slaughtered in the state he 'governed' means that George McGovern wins today.

Douglas Wiken


I suspect we may be able to sit on the edge of our chairs tonight...but a majority of South Dakotans may again demonstrate their faith in irrelevant mythology and vote Republican. I can see why T. Denny Sanford and friends might do that rationally, but don't quite understand Republicans on Mainstreet and township roads continuing to support a party that disregards their real-world interests.


We vote Republican, Douglas because what Romney is proposing is in our best interests. What the Obama machine is proposing is more of the same. More of the same is sky high unemployment, sky high deficits, continued lack of working with the opposition, and a health care fiasco that will bankrupt the US even faster. At least Romney has been giving us reasons to vote for him. The best Obama can do is tell us why we should vote against Romney. Not much of a reason, is it?

larry kurtz

""The apus (gods of the hills in indigenous mythology) tell us (Barack) Obama will be reelected," predicted Juan Osco, known as the Shaman of the Andes on San Cristobal hill overlooking Lima."


Bill Fleming

Concrete-jungle number-shaman (Nate Silver) says there is only a 9.1% chance your voodoo mojo man is reading dem bones right, KB.


Don't give him that yaya bonus just yet, bra.


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Ken Blanchard

Thanks for the advice, Bill. He left before I got back to town.

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