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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Bill Fleming

Agreed that it's a tour de force work of filmmaking. Regarding your quibble, I'm unclear as to whether you are arguing with Speilberg or with the historicity of the zeitgeist portrayed. Can you clarify?are you saying that the intense debate in the lame duck wasn't really necessary? Or that the filmmaker misrepresented the characters of those in opposition to its passage?

Ken Blanchard

Bill: I haven't read Goodwin's book. I just think that the movie sells the idea that slavery might have survived the war in order to maximize the drama, when the idea does not strike me as at all plausible.

Bill Fleming

Love your optimism, KB. As if we are somehow collectively rational. ;^)

Julie Gross (NE)

"As if we are somehow collectively rational"

Based on your comments elsewhere, you're rarely rational.

Bill Fleming

Julie, do yourself a favor and read "Thinking Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman.
But first, go wash your hands, and stop drooling. You're making our monitors all sticky.

justin bieber shoes

I am another traditional Latin Mass Catholic for Israel and against barbarism.

"It passed almost unnoticed, but last month Benedict XVI significantly upped the ante in an argument he’s made one of his pontificate’s centerpieces. To the horror, one suspects, of some professional interfaith dialoguers and wishful-thinkers more generally, the pope indicated the Church should recognize that some types of religion are in fact “sick and distorted.”

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