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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Donald Pay

Your ethnocentrism is showing, KB. "Myanma" is the historical native written form for the name of the country/peoples and is more inclusive. "Burma" is the English form of "Bama." which is the spoken form referring to one ethnic group. In many of Southeast Asia languages the written and spoken language can be a bit different.

What is diplomatic is to call the country by the name it has adopted for itself. We called ourselves, for example, "The United States of America." Should France have called us "the English colonies in America?"

Ken Blanchard

Donald: you can side with the junta if you choose. I choose not.

Donald Pay

I hardly side with the junta, but I'm not going to be a stupid idiot, either. Attack the junta on something that matters. The fact that you don't understand Southeast Asian language shows ignorance, not strength.


Hey Ken,

Really like your blog. Here's some background on the name issue.


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