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Saturday, September 22, 2012


larry kurtz

Ranchers have all but erased themselves from the Earth, Ken: analysis is showing that the Anthropocene is slaughtering more species than previous extinction level events have: impressionism your new word?

Donald Pay

Bison actually do not suffer the effects from brucellosis, though they may serve as carriers. However, at least when I was working in the state-federal lab in Pierre there was no known incidence of transfer from bison to cattle.

The key is to controlling brucellosis is slaughtering the cattle that are infected, and have control over sale of infected animals to other ranchers. Ranchers have a history of blaming bison, when they've actually bought infected cattle and spread the disease into their own herds.

Bill Fleming

Great wolf photo. Is that your shot, KB? It's begging for a caption.

How about: "Yup, that's Red and her Grama alright. Okay, so double or nothing on the Woodcutter?"

Ken Blanchard

Bill: got it off the web. I am with you on your caption.

Donald Pay

I think the question isn't really not hunting versus hunting wolves. After all, Native peoples hunted wolves with little effect on their populations. They didn't kill very many, and I think we would be wise to limit the numbers taken to a small number until data about how the hunt affects population structure, behavior, etc. are studied. The question how wolves are to be hunted also needs to be discussed. The big issue in Wisconsin is whether dogs can be used in the wolf hunt. If you really want to make it a fair hunt, maybe it should be limited to bow hunting. That way the wolf has got a chance to hunt you.

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