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Friday, August 10, 2012


Donald Pay

You're kidding, of course. These fiscal non-issues get brought every election. I remember them being brought up in 1964, and every year since. We've had 50 years of conservative whining about the dire consequences we face with any, I mean any, small deficit. It's not surprising that the American public tunes conservative muttering about deficits and entitlements off. They've been wrong consistently for fifty years!!! And it's really not that hard to fix the problem, but not if conservatives insist on letting the rich steal from grandma, children and the disabled.


Ah yes, that nice car you drive has a few miles on it, and dang if you don't still have to pay for gas and upkeep. I mean, eventually it's gonna rust or get stolen or crash or something. Right? So my advice to you is that you get yourself out of this unsustainable arrangement and find a nice bridge abutment to take out an about 70mph. Problem solved! And you'll never have to worry about new tires again...

Bill Fleming

Sorry to be contrary, KB but the big issue IS climate change, and there IS something we can do about it. Let's get crackin', whaddya say? http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/global-warmings-terrifying-new-math-20120719


I just love that dog whistle. "Entitlement"... It's used to imply that people expect something for nothing. Except that most of us are paying into these "entitlement programs" all of our working lives. The exception being high earners and of course the "investment class".
Seeing as how the investment class feels (no, insist) on having ultra low tax rates, and more than 50% of CAPITAL GAINS go to millionaires, who also insist on having enough loopholes at their disposal to further avoid rates paid by Joe Sixpack.

It's not hard to see who really feels "entitled" in America. It ain't Joe Sixpack.

Bill Fleming

Dave, I agree. The folks who have been paying into SS all their lives and Medicare are not stupid. Most are willing to chip in for the good of the nation as long as we're all doing it.

Ken Blanchard

You guys are hilarious. Is Obama talking about climate change? What, precisely, does he intend to do about it? He couldn't get cap and trade past his own Senate! Maybe on Oz or Planet Pay you could get real legislation, but that would mean folks willing to do with lights out for long periods of time just because Al Gore said so from his enormous house boat. Good luck with that.

But I have to love Donald's comment. Just ignore the deficits. It's all silly. Look up "oblivious" in the picture dictionary if you want to see what Donald looks like. His picture will be right there.

larry kurtz

Under a President Romney South Dakota will still be a leaky chemical toilet receiving even more from DC than it sends, where Monsanto owns the legislature; and, spiking spontaneous abortions due to agricultural chemicals will surge.

Oh, and KB will still have tenure.

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