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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Donald Pay

Meanwhile my daughter's generation has made up a drinking game to play during the Republican convention. You have a drink every time you see a black person at the convention. She says it's a way to stay sober all through the night.

Really, KB, the Republican position on voting rights is to the right of Bull Connor. They haven't brought out the snarling dogs, yet, but I have a feeling that's coming. Who cares if you cheer on a few black speakers, as long as you assure that the wrong flavor can't vote.

Jon S

Yet, Donald, the Supreme Court has decreed, in an opinion written by Justice Stevens, that Voter I.D. laws do not violate the Constitutional guarentee to vote or the guarentee of equal protection.

Donald Pay

There is no right to vote in the US Constitution. Voting has always been controlled by state constitutions and state laws. There are certain prohibitions against denial of voting rights, but voting itself is not protected. And what do we have: a concerted effort by state-level Republicans to deny voting rights to certain groups through bureaucratic and costly measures that amount to poll taxes. In Wisconsin it is minorities, students and the elderly who are the clear target. Our state constitution, however, has fairly strong provisions guaranteeing the right to vote, and the Republican plan has been halted.

larry kurtz

It's difficult to remember a time when I was so embarrassed to be a South Dakota native let alone an American: Sen. Thune ignored the extirpation of First Peoples while touting the European conquest of a continent.

The displays of coded racism were so offensive from each speaker in Tampa I didn't know whether to cringe or laugh.

Best speech of the pathetic pickings came from New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez: amazing what immersion in cultural diversity can do for an Texas oil-greased Republican.

joe arrigo

The real issue here is that Romney has become a serial liar. Him lying about Obama and welfare is only the latest, following his lifting words out of context from Obama's statement about businesses not creating infrastructure. I've even heard him about his previous lie. How can anyone trust this man as their leader?


Donald, I'm sorry to hear that you are raising someone to be as bigoted and useless as yourself. Typically that kind of thing skips a generation. Perhaps there is something to be said for inferior genetic makeup.

Donald Pay


Yeah, I don't see a problem with her being a bigot. She and her group of friends are hilariously snarky about the Republican Party's bigotry, though.


Donald, you do not see a problem with her being a bigot? Wow!
Joe, there was nothing out of context in the statement about business. That particular remark has been played over and over again in its complete context and reveals a President who either does not know how to speak, or has a very dismal view of people in this country who build a business. BTW, can you help with pointing out a lie by Romney? Most of what I have heard can be backed up with fact. Gutting of welfare is one. Even one of Clinton's advisers admit this. Just throwing out a statement without being able to back it does not make it so.

Donald Pay

I realize you Republicans have a real problem acting the victim in everything. A bunch of snarky young adults calling attention to your bigotry is the least of your problems. Why is it that Romney was getting 0.0 percent of the black vote? When you act like Bull Connor, you can expect blacks are going to run away from the snarling dogs.


Donald, it is interesting your portrayal of who is the victim. I don't see Republicans claiming to be victims. I see them as seeing a problem and finding solutions. The only victims I see, come from your side. Women, Blacks, Hispanics, and anybody else that Democrats pretend to want to help. You have one point. Republicans get about 10% of the Black vote. Yet interestingly enough, it is the policies of Republicans that offer people of color the ability to achieve. If you are a Republican and Black, you are called an Oreo. Democrats give the poor just enough to get by and then come to the White Daddy to get more of the same. BTW, just who is the bigot when one group allows you to be who you are, while the other group sees you as nothing more than a voting block. BTW, you must be really proud to have a bigot for a daughter. I wonder where she gets that from?

Stan Gibilisco

I have not watched a single second of the Republican convention. In fact, with the exception of a few quick checks of The Weather Channel, I have not switched on my television set since February.

And I'm damn glad I haven't. Umpty-nine channels and nothin' on.

With the increasing vicious polarization of the populace, I find it harder and harder to resist the temptation to bug out to Alaska or Montana or Wyoming ... leave this failed world system behind while I still have the resources to do it ...

... and write a best-selling book about the whole thing, of course, and start a Web site, and then maybe get on NPR ... you know, except for the fame, I'd like to isolate completely ;-)

Seriously, I find all this sniping back and forth quite troubling.

I will not vote for Romney, by the way, not so much because I think he lies to me, but because he will not come out with the truth about himself, and particularly, about his tax returns. (Yes, there is a difference. Sometimes silence can be worse than a lie.)

The snippets that I have heard on NPR from the convention have me convinced that the Republican ticket is dilute, almost inspid, this time around. I'll probably vote Libertarian instead.


Stan, they do make drugs for your problem. If Romneys taxes are what you think is wrong with this country, maybe its a good thing you are not voting. Thinking NPR is going to give the Republican convention a fair shake makes the drugs essential.

Stan Gibilisco

Ivan, I've tried all the drugs, and none of them work. My problem is too severe.

Donald Pay

Have you been watching the convention, duggersd? It's one whiny complaint about victimhood after the next. There's a mythologized "war on Christianity." There's constant bleating about "punishing success." There's the ridiculous whimpering about businesses being the victim of regulations. You guys are crying like Speaker Boehner all the time about how put upon you are. You gin up this fake victimhood in order to justify kicking the people who have been the victims of Republican policies--the poor and the middle class.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: obviously your daughter was watching the MSNBC coverage.

Donald Pay

Mitt went to Louisiana to see the hurricane/flooding damage. I have an hypothesis that old Mittens will be visiting the white neighborhoods, and ignoring the black ones. Now for the data (see picture)


Anyone have any images of Romney talking to the black folk who got flooded out, or is his concern limited to white people.

Donald Pay


I don't see any black people in a google search of images, either.

I guess when it comes to the heartbreak of natural disasters the Republicans would take us back to the Mississippi flood years of 1927, when blacks were forced at gun point to unload relief supplies for whites while they were denied any of the supplies.


Actually, Donald, I did watch much of the coverage. I actually saw people like Rice, Martinez, Rubio and others give their addresses. I do not know what convention you watched, but I saw people who talked about their personal stories and how their families worked hard to get where they were and to get them to the point they were. I missed Mia Love's address, but I heard her talking on the radio and telling how her parents told her they did what they could and now it was up to her to not be a burden to society and to pull her own weight. I heard people of color talking of hope and opportunities available to them that would not be available in other countries. It must be really sad to be you and see things through such myopic eyes that cannot see the good these people see. BTW, I almost wish I lived in Utah so I could vote for Love. She and many of the others speaking are examples of the up and coming people who will hopefully lead the Republican party.


i believe playing this card is the last thing you should do.
And if you do play it, first of all you should think what YOU say

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