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Wednesday, August 08, 2012



Awwwww. Poor poor republicans. they can give, but they can't take.
Listen guys- just take Two Trumps, and DON'T call me in the morning.

Reid is Right as Rain ...and Willard is all Wet.
‘Cause Americans have a RIGHT to see the tax returns
of anyone who wants to be their President --the highest office in the land.
NO if’s, ...No and’s, ...and NO big fat but’s about it!
Case Closed.

ESPECIALLY with someone like Mitt -whose past and present life is
full of flip-flops, questionable business practices, tax loopholes,
hidden assets and investments, ...and who knows what else.

Confession is good for the soul, Mitt. Even for someone as soul-less as you.
So just Relax, Repent, and Release your Returns, Mr. Romney
…OR… go back to Playing with your Pet Prancing Ponies.

Come out of your gold-plated 10-car closet Mitt, and STOP with this
“Don’t ask, Don’t tell” nonsense! No problem -we’ll understand.
Unless …perhaps ….just perhaps …you’re HIDING something, dear Willard?
Inquiring minds want to know.

And you want even MORE tax cuts and loopholes for you and your rich buddies, Mitt? 
WHAT GALL! These fat cats aren’t satisfied - they want it ALL ...EVERYTHING!
But tell me Mitt, just how MANY cars and houses can you hog?
And just how MANY silver spoons can you stuff into your smirking mouth?

Mitt baby, you can fool some of the people some of the time,but -please-  take my advice:
IF you just want to run for dog-catcher then KEEP your  precious tax returns,
and clean off your car roof. OTHERWISE, if you wanna be our President, THEN PUT UP,
or shut up and go away ….preferably BEFORE the convention.

The super-rich think that they have the God-given right to do anything they want in this
great country -while the REST of us get screwed! ENOUGH!!! The divine right of kings
ended a long long time ago Mitt. And so should your sorry excuse for a candidacy.

Nothing personal, guy. Really. Super-Rich, arrogant, power-hungry Republicans are people too!
It's just their "culture" that bothers me (as you're so fond of saying).
‘Cause making lots and lot of money can be SUCH a dirty business. Right, fella?

BOTTOM LINE: It’s Laundry Time, Mitt.
------SO COME CLEAN------.
I’m from the “Show Me” State....where it’s not enough to just SAY you’re “not a crook”
....AFTER you’re President ...like Tricky Dick Nixon.


Donald Pay

There are lies you tell about another person during a campaign, and then there are the lies you live. Much of the Mitt Romney is a living lie, a fabricated mess of contradictory positions held simultaneously, and that's a far bigger problem than this ad.

In all the Republican contretemps over the Soptic ad, they really do want to roll right on by the real issue---that our health care system, prior to Obamacare, left far too many people uncovered or undercovered, resulting in far too many premature deaths. The Romney campaign aide probably said it best (that if Soptic's wife had lived in Massachusetts, Romneycare would have assured her adequate health care). Since Obamacare is patterned after Romneycare, it seemed that telling this truth flies in the face of the lies Republicans have to make themselves live every day of their lives regarding their own health care solution, which they disparage as Obamacare. In fact Ann Colter wants Romney to fire the campaign aide for telling the truth. I guess in the modern Republican Party, telling the truth is something that is not allowable.


Geeze... The only ones calling this a murder accusation are Romneys media whores...

I mean, the same Romney media whores are calling Eric Holder a murderer for his roll in "fast and furious"...

Stan Gibilisco

The two recent negative ads by the Obama campaign have had no influence on the extent to which I trust Mitt Romney, and no influence on the extent to which I trust Barack Obama, insofar as my vote goes.

I would not have voted for either of them before the ad, and I would not vote for either of them today.

Ken Blanchard

Stan: one of them is going to be President for the next four years.

Leo Kallis


You are right;one of them will be President. The electoral college, however, does give people in firmly red or firmly blue states a bit of freedom. In South Dakota a vote for Obama is as wasted as a vote for Gary Johnson or a write in for George Abraham Theodore Franklin Eisenhower.

I think Conor Friedersdorf has it right http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/07/how-to-protest-the-major-parties-without-throwing-away-your-vote/260273/

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