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Friday, August 31, 2012


larry kurtz

Sometimes, Ken: it's like you can almost be lucid. More at DemocracyNow!


Bill Fleming

Recall, Ken, that the SCOTUS appointed Bush the Lesser POTUS via a similar ruling. Under the 14th Amendment every voters rights must be equally protected. There's more to it, I know, but that was the essence of the Bush v Gore decision, yes?

joe arrigo

Scores of people have died to give us this right to vote. The nefarious attempt by Republican led states, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, etc., to suppress the vote is treasonous, as well as throwing the country under the bus with their sinister plot to stonewall every bill denying the President any achievement.

larry kurtz

"Breaking News: Federal Judge Orders Ohio to Restore Weekend Early Voting in Ohio Weekend Before Election Day"


Donald Pay

I don't like early voting in general. It's driven by the cash heavy top-of-the-ticket races and it hurts the lesser races, many of which are sparingly covered by the press until the week before an election.

Ken Blanchard

Bill: while I disagree with your view of Bush v. Gore, I concur on the equal protection principle. However, I don't think it violates equal protection to provide special voting devices to disabled voters just because I don't get one. Likewise, I don't think it violates equal protection to make special allowances for military persons who may face difficulties that I do not face.

Ken Blanchard

Larry: I am pleased that you are pleased. If you ever say something that steps outside the box you are in, I will return the favor.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: prepare yourself for a shock. We are in complete agreement on this issue.

Bill Fleming

I guess I'm not tracking you very well, KB. On the one hand you say you are opposed to early voting, period (agreeing with Mr. Pay), even as you say you're for it, but only for certain people, but then you say that you're all about the 14th Amendment and equal protection under the law.

You're all over the map on this one, brother.

I'm just sayin'.

Is that your GOP ambivalence acting up again?

If so, I feel your pain.

Nothing worse than gnawing internal conflict. ;^)

larry kurtz

The GOP is scared spitless in Ohio: focused on removing Gary Johnson from the ballot


Ken Blanchard

Bill: so you think that equal protection means treating everyone precisely the same way. You might win me over on that one, my friend. I just didn't guess that you were vehemently opposed to affirmative action. After all, the whole rational for that policy is that equal protection requires treating different groups differently in order to equalize the playing field. I also wouldn't have guessed that you were opposed to special handicap access for disabled voters. I learn new things about you every day.

ps. "gnawing internal conflict" has another name. It's called "thinking."

larry kurtz

Ohio SOS backs down to court, no appeal:


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