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Sunday, July 08, 2012


I'm not a talker...

Kristi comes off as an attack dog. Hardcore Republican activists like that - regular voters do not. She did it against Stephanie and I doubt she would have had to be so aggressive. She was polling ahead of SHS for most of the campaign. Then it went very negative and the race became closer. Kristi has never presented her own vision. She needs to start doing this - not just being anti Democrat/herseth/pelosi/obama/varilek. - Until Obama goes away it is probably more than enough for her to continue winning.

Varilek has 0 shot.

The reason I believe Kristi needs to start producing her vision for this country and not just being anti Democrat or negative is because she might want to run for the US Senate in '14. Her image right now to most voters outside of the base is that she's negative or an attack dog. Rounds' image is the nice guy who is well liked across the spectrum.

It will be much easier for Rounds to go from nice guy to attack dog than Noem from attack dog to nice lady. She needs to start presenting her vision now and broadening her image before she has a tough race.

Rounds is already running insurance ads on tv as the nice guy.

Kody K

Ken, I would have to agree with you on the first part. Every politically savy person in South Dakota - a bakers dozen - will know of Matt Varilek. He is definitely getting around the state in a variety of parades and campaigning efforts, but I just do not think that it is going to be enough. Noem has such a distinguished name recognition behind her. Especially now since she has been recently named sexiest congresswoman!

As far as the Secretary of State situation goes, I see the second issue a bigger problem than the first. While he should be partisan, there is nothing that explicitly forbids the endorsement of a candidate. If anything, bad PR.

Now letting Powers run a campaign business? Not much I can say in defense of Secretary Gant there. I guess we will see how this whole situation plays out.

Kody K

JDS* my bad

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