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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Tim P.

Walker!!! You go man!!! Take down these Democrat dimwits!!!

Mike Cooper

Reasons for a Walker victory, in descending order:
1. His reforms are working. The public has to be thinking, "if it's this good now, how much better will it be in 1 year?"
2. Walker is a better candidate than Barrett (who is better than Falk would have been)
3. There is no overriding reason to recall Walker.
4. Democrats have been "the angry party" since this began. It is wearing thin.
5. Walker has more money. To place this any higher is an insult to Wisconsin voters, who are generally intelligent, educated and thoughtful.

Walker by 8 points.

Donald Pay

The recall elections have been a success. They've reigned in Walker, and stopped his rightwing agenda in the Legislature. He's done getting anything passed. The state senate is split, and will likely go to Democrats on June 5. Polls are within the margin of error between Walker and Barrett, and it all depends on turnout. Walker still faces his upcoming perp walk.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal is a Republican p.r. organ, and is completely spewing the Walker line.

Jon S.

"Milwaukee Journal Sentinal is a Republican p.r. organ." Using this thing called "The Internet" I found that in years 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2003 the JS endorsed 75%, 77%, 77%, and 100% Democrats respectively. They endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and John Kerry in 2004. They endorsed Russ Feingold for Senate in 2010. In 2000 they endorsed no one for president and in 1996 they endorsed Bob Dole. In the 1996 general election they endorsed 19 Republicans and 15 Democrats. In 2004 it was 14 Democrats and 10 Republicans. This to me looks like the record of a Democrat leaning but independent editorial board. My evidence here is not comprehensive, but it seems hard to sustain the argument that the paper is simply a Republican P.R. organ. IT says a lot about Donald's comment that I could have written that for him. Friend, you are becoming extremely predictable.

Donald Pay

The Journal was merged with the Republican Sentinal in 1995. Since then the paper has been more and more swinging toward the Sentinel's Republican stance.

Donald Pay

From the January 30, 1933, Milwaukee Journal:

"...Today we can look calmly on the accession of Hitler. For one thing, it had become inevitable; the man had to be tried to end his constant threat to every other ministry. For another thing, Hitler is better understood now. His talk often reached the emptiness of mere raving, but he was putting himself on the political map. He needed a following to make him at all important. Now he uses that following, as many another has, to make deals and trades. Hitler attains position as a result of fusion with the Hugenberg Nationalists, the Seldte Steel Helmets, the somewhat hazy Van Papen group. It is a tamed and compromising Adolf Hitler who takes office."

Ah, yes, I'd say the endorsement of Walker is the same as the their endorsement of Hitler. Walker has the same sort of "courage" as Herr Hitler.

Stan Gibilisco

Yes, I did hear that should Walker get confirmed on June 5, he will invade the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. People in Menominee have already begun stockpiling toilet paper, just in case.


Comparing Walker to a nazi tyrant, Donald. You really are pathetic and just lost any credibility on this issue.

Ken Blanchard

Donald has become a parody of himself.

Jon S.


Yes, using that obscure instrument known as "Wikipedia" I figured out that the Journal and Sentinel had merged...in 1995. Note ALL my data come from 1996 and after. Just admit it, your accusation that the JS is a "republican PR organ" is not backed up by evidence. You are engaging in confirmation bias. Everything that agrees with your biases is solid gold, and whatever contradicts your biases must be unpolished poop.

Donald Pay

Walker's anti-union strategy is very much like Hitler's. Four months after Hitler came to power (and after Milwaukee Journal endorsement of Hitler), he had his thugs occupy union halls and banned union organizing.

Walker waited about as long as Hitler after his Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorsement to legislatively do away with public unions. Just a couple weeks before he introduced Act 10 he told a Janesville billionaire that his aim was to do away with unions, but he was using a "divide and conquer" strategy.

Walker is either a Hitler disciple, or more likely, Walker has been advancing the fascist agenda of the Koch crowd and other followers of the Rand-Hitler-Koch wet dream. Walker, like Hitler, went after the unions first because he knew they were a powerful societal force that could threaten his future control over government. If he could cripple unions he would have the ability to gradually impose his Hitler-Rand-Koch version of fascism.

Remember, Germany voted in the fascists. In Wisconsin, we are hoping to get rid of one.

Ken Blanchard

Donald has become a parody of himself.

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