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Sunday, May 06, 2012


Avengers Assemble

I normally find the Hulk boring. They need to make Mark Ruffalo play all the things. Like woodwork and cricket. Then those thinsg will also cease to be boring because of Ruffalo's amazingness. Please make it so.

I was so upset about Phil ("His first name is Agent") that I cried. I loved him. He always made me smile, way more than Sharkbait Jackson did. Sigh

Comic Theorist

Skrull would be the logical conclusion from the furrowed chin, however the red eys and devilish grin say Thanos to me. Thanos literally loved Death and wanted to show his love by destroying all life.

Ken Blanchard

AA: I am with you about Phil. He was one of my favorite characters in the films. I also agree about Ruffalo.

CT: While I love Marvel, I am not expert. I don't even know who the Thanos are. I still vote "Skrull".

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