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Thursday, May 17, 2012


larry kurtz

Wavy Gravy just had his 76th birthday:


Obama in a landslide.


When one flips and flops so far they hit the ground with each pass, they're bound to be wobbly. Romney's lucky he can stand at all. With a little luck, Obama & Company will fix that.


As if Obama is a paragon of truth and accountability?

Good lord, I'm certainly no fan of Romney (less of fan of Obama, obviously) but one's head spins at the versions of "flip-flop" attacks either side can wage against the other!

Neutral for both sides on "flip-flops", no one wins this game...

Ken Blanchard

A.I.: yes, Romney was for gay marriage, then he was against it, then he was for it again. No, wait! That was SOMEONE ELSE. And Romney promised to rely on public financing for his campaign and then decided not to; and he promised not to use super-PAC money and then decided he would. No, wait! That was SOMEONE ELSE.

I'm with William. Look up "flip-flopper" in the dictionary, you'll see Romney's picture right next to Obama's.


Of the items you mention KB, only gay marriage is a policy issue that affect the rules under which we live. And while Obama has done a semantic flip-flop on this particular aspect of the gay rights struggle, he has by and large advanced those rights through both word and deed--gays openly serving in the military and refusing to defend DOMA to name a couple.

As is often noted in the media, America's sentiments regarding gay marriage have been evolving rapidly. Obama, like most successful and useful politicians, chooses language appropriate to the sensitivities of the majority of the electorate thus enabling them to advance causes that may not be popular at the moment, but are becoming so.

I'm reminded of the old FDR quote: "I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it."

Ken Blanchard

A.I.: you are a master of the artful qualification: yes, Obama flip-flopped on this issue and that one, but it doesn't count because...[insert artful qualification here]. In fact, both of the flip flops do involve policy issues. Obama's decision to forgo public funding in 2008 was a blow to a system that Democrats claim to believe in. His flip flop on super-PACs reinforces a system that Democrats oppose. Moreover, both of these were cases of contempt for his promises. I am sure that they don't count because [insert artful qualification here].

Your defense of Obama's position on gay marriage amounts to this: Obama has always believed in gay rights and has steadily worked in favor of that position. He has just been consistently dishonest about his real views and intentions for reasons of political expediency. I expect that is probably right. It does mean that you have no genuine objection to flip flopping whatsoever. It's okay when your guy does it, but shameful when the other guy does.

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Ugh. Honestly, I'm beginning to think that Huckabee is a DNC plant, or maybe just a flack sceern for McCain. It could be that he's now getting more attention and as a result his views are in turn getting greater scrutiny, but the weirdness factor here just keeps going up. It almost does seem like he's been put in place to serve as something easy for the DNC candidate to shoot down in the general election.It turns out that Japan has slightly higher corporate taxes than us, at least according to the information I have available right now (and this is amongst the OECD member countries, too). I think the Europeans and Canadians might envy our personal income tax rates, but as far as corporations are concerned, they give up a larger percentage of their income to the U.S. government than elsewhere. That alone is a major drag on growth in our economy. I'm hoping that Romney can level the playing field between our economy and that of our foreign competitors some.

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