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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Donald Pay

Where's the evidence that Walker was bold on fiscal matters? He has a budget full of gimmicks and just about as much structural deficit as former Governor Doyle. In fact, Walker has certified to the federal government that the state budget is unbalanced by $3 billion. Walker is a bold liar, but not a bold when it comes to getting the state's fiscal house in order.


When you steal from the middle class and give it away to the corporate and wealthy elite, you make no headway on fiscal sanity.

And when did the Wisconsin structural deficit start? That would be in the 1990s under Republican Governor Tommy Thompson. Thompson then joined the administration of George W. Bush, where we had VP Cheney telling us that "Reagan taught us that deficits don't matter." Republicans then proceeded to explode the deficit and wreck the economy.

You might want to do your preaching to Republicans, who have been far more fiscally irresponsible.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: the entire story of Wisconsin from Walker's election to the present recall testifies to his courage. I understand that you hate him vehemently. That doesn't change the facts.

I think you are right to call out Republicans for fiscal irresponsibility. I only note that you will now demonize them for any attempt to move in the opposite direction.

Mike Cooper

I don't know much about his primary opponent, but Tommy Thompson is awful on spending issues. I hope he loses. That would be in keeping with Indiana and Nebraska, where the establishment candidate lost in the Republican party. It is less likely, but it may also happen in Michigan and Utah. The Republicans will win the Senate this year. The American people will win if those Republicans are conservatives.

Mike Cooper

oops, forgot the big one, Cruz over Dewhurst in Texas.

Donald Pay

People who govern like Walker have no courage. They have ambition and greed. They have powerful out-of-state backers and talk to them, rather than to their own constitutuents. They don't care about your little worries about "fiscal responsibility." They make sure their backers get theirs, and pretend to care about deficits. It's an act.

Walker is in it for #1, and always has been. He'll be a rich man if we get rid of him on June 5. Walker figured out a way to win either way, unless the John Doe investigation puts him in jail. Even then, all the adoring righties, like you, will shower him with money and praise. You're a dupe.


If, as you say KB, we are quickly approaching a time where there will be no money for guns or butter; it will be because we starved the working class to feed the investment class at a time the latter was already swimming in cash.



I disagree, if we are quickly approaching a time where there will be no money for guns or butter; it will be because we (through our GOVERNMENT) destroyed the MIDDLE CLASS (many of whom were members OF the working class).

You apparently view the world of economics as a "zero sum game", where the economic pie is static and either one "wins" or "loses".

As a nation, America has historically ( AND uniquely) created an ever increasing "pie" that benefits everyone that is fortunate enough to participate in our economy.

The "poor" in America are members of the "1%" when compared to the world's population. While it might seem trite or calloused, America has the "fattest poor people in the world."

We define "poor" in a world of luxury unknown to previous generations and we are rich beyond the wildest dreams of those only a century removed.

As William F. Buckley once said, as we seek to "immanentize the eschaton", we ignore the nature of mankind at our peril.

Every generation takes for granted that what they "know", what they are accustomed to, is "normal". The "default position" for far too many is that the luxuries we now accept as "given", truly are. History proves otherwise.

If we truly wish to destroy the blessings we (most of us) have been blessed to have been born into, the quickest way to destroy America as a culture and a nation is to divide us along class and racial grievances.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: I feel your pain.

A.I.: If what you say were true, it might have been well for the President to put it in a budget and for the Democrats in Congress to vote for it. Did he? Did they? No, and no. The Democrats have nothing to offer, for reasons I list.

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