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Friday, May 11, 2012


larry kurtz

Read 'em and weep, Doc: you earth hateres are finished.

larry kurtz

I've seen 2012 voting models where the President takes 47 states in a landslide and earth haters are thrown from Congress. Even Texas could go for Obama.

You bozos are so last century.

larry kurtz

Romney is serial bully who makes up history as he clutches and clambers for power:



Bill Fleming

My hunch is this will be settled at the SCOTUS level. Olson and Boies v California's Prop 8.
If the freedom to make a choice as to who one wants to marry isn't a fundamental human right, then what is it?

Stan Gibilisco

"At a certain point, I've just concluded that, for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married," he [Barack Obama] said.

Why didn't he say "I now belive that same-sex couples should be able to get married"?

President Obama isn't the only politician guilty of this watering-down, thus dilution of force. Hillary Clinton is just as bad; so is Mitt Romney; so was George W. Bush. Ach, I guess that's why I love listening to Joe Biden. He calls a rose a hell of a flower, and spade a doggone dirt-diggin' tool.

Ken Blanchard

Stan: you are right. Everyone is all over the place.

Bill: There is no right to marry whomever one chooses. Should first cousins be allowed to marry? Probably not. But that is a judgment call to be made by legislatures. Can a man marry a woman who is sixteen years old? How about fourteen? These are judgment calls.

I doubt that the High Court will decide the matter. Short of some change in the balance, the Court will leave it up to the states, as it should.

Bill Fleming

I will argue that the right to choose is there and that the laws restrict it, KB. I don't believe laws bring human rights into existance. I believe the those rights come before the law, and can only be more or less secured by it.

Bill Fleming

A SCOTUS ruling would likely be that SSMs cannot be banned, thus overiding all the State bans. The States would then decide the semantics.

Stacey Hanrahan

Obama's evolution or devolution on this issue didn't change the political landscape. All it did however was excite Obama's base and coalesced Romney's. I agree that gay marriage should be best left to the states. A SCOTUS ruling on this issue would amount to judicial tyranny. Ironically enough, the states where gay marriage is legalized was decided by judicial fiat who had decided that the will of the American people was irrelevant.

Ken Blanchard

Bill: we both believe in natural rights, apparently. However, if the law does not bring rights into existence, it does bring marriage into existence. Even if there is a natural right to marry, you agree that the law can restrict it. The question then is whether this restriction is valid or not. There is nothing in the history of constitutional law that indicates a right to same sex marriage.

We would both vote to legalize same sex marriage. Our difference is that, like most people on the left, you want to write your every political preference into the rule book.


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