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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Bill Fleming

Not sure that's all true, KB. Seems like Obama's ben trying to cajole congress into working together to come up with consensus solutions, but it's like herding cats. Either that, or like trying to push a piece of cooked spaghetti up a hill, pick your metaphor.

Donald Pay

"We are in the midst of a global depression," says KB. Exaggerate much? By what objective measure are you claiming this?

At the depths of the financial crisis in 2007-2009 we were close to, but not in, a "depression." If we weren't in a global depression then, it would be hard to say we are in one now.

"Governments across the globe have over promised and over-spent. That is the cause," says KB. That's not very profound. They have over promised what, and over spent on what and by what measure?

If you mean governments have promised too much to the wealthy and haven't taxed certain types of unproductive wealth in order to invest in productive wealth and to invest in humans rather than stupid wars, I'd agree.

Bill Fleming

p.s. safe travels professor.

larry kurtz

Put Miranda in.

Ken Blanchard

Thanks, Bill.

Eli Blake

The President is clearly addressing reality when he asks Congress to address it. You know and I know that he can't put together any kind of legislation by himself without congressional action.

As for his re-election, is he focused on it? Of course! So is every member of Congress (well, maybe not Thaddeus McCotter anymore) and then Mitt Romney is only not focused on re-election because he got his tail kicked by John McCain in 2008. That's hardly an indictment of the President exclusively. Can you name any incumbent running for re-election who DOESN'T care about winning?

Eli Blake

And more to the point, the policies that have been failing, Obama has failed to change. Only, Republicans generally suggest that we do more of what hasn't worked:



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