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Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Donald Pay

In Wisconsin it's a question of whether voters throw out Walker first, or whether Walker is perp-walked out the door. He's a crook. He's done as an effective leader of the state, but the out-of-state ideologues want to prop him up. It's telling that not one of the Republican candidates for President wanted to be photographed with him.


I read the article and saw there was one comment. I said to myself, self, I bet that is Donald Pay. Sure enough. There is Donald spewing his venom. And Donald does not mention any of the out-of-state ideologues called unions that dumped money into the election?

Ken Blanchard

Yes, Dugger, but look at Donald's language. He is preparing himself for more bad news.

Donald Pay

If all you look at is the image of the opposition in the initial uprising during February and March of 2011, you would have the impression that the recall is just about collective bargaining issues. While unions were highly visible, they were by no means the only factor in the recall petitioning.

Act 10 had in it a lot of issues besides collective bargaining. And since then, Walker has continued to add to the people who want him out, and the issues that matter. Add to that the John Doe investigation of Walker involving the corrupt way he operated in Milwaukee County, the lack of job growth (in fact job losses) after all his plans were enacted.

The "do over" vibe took on a life of its own, and Barrett gives Democrats a chance to make that argument, rather than having to develop a whole new campaign around a whole new candidate.

People want to read a lot of things into the primary race, but a lot of it is personality and history driven. Barrett led Falk in polling even before he got into the race. Falk is good on issues, but not a particularly exciting candidate. She can actually lose votes with her stump speech. She also had too many people advising her and did not drive home a consistent message. There's no more union town than Madison, yet Barrett won here, partly because Falk quit her County Executive position here, partly because she made enemies in the progressive community over the years.

None of the Democratic candidates went negative, and they met today to unify campaigns.

Bill Fleming

I seriously doubt there will be any problem with union solidarity in the Wisconsin recall GOTV effort or at the ballot box.

Ken Blanchard

Bill: I am sure you are right. It is perfectly evident, however, that union solidarity is not a significant force among the electorate at large.

Bill Fleming

I meant Union solidarity with the Democrat candidate. In a close race, exactly what percentage of the electorate do you consider to be "significant" KB? Most elections are won or lost by about 5-8% of the voters. Sometimes more, but not typically. Union members have a tendancy to vote R more often than the average Democrat under certain circumstances. Don't you think that's significant?


Ken Blanchard

Bill: I concede your point. I would only point out that the concerns of the unions are negligible among the voters at large.

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