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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Steven Richard

The year 2011 represents a turning point where governments around the globe are finally realizing that the promises that have been made to voters may no longer be able to be kept and that an endgame of sorts has been reached where spending in excess of current receipts may no longer be able to be financed.

Economic Warfare


Sounds like you're trying to resurrect Paul Harvey. Maybe you should include two more parts of the story--that Bain still made $100 million off the deal and the employees were left with a decimated pension fund. Do you suppose there is any chance the former had something to do with the latter?

But no matter what the details of the GST deal, Romney uses his experience at Bain as a qualification for the job of President. As Obama has pointed out, there is a little more to managing the federal budget and it has nothing to do with maximizing investor profits at the expense of employees or closing up shop when times are tough.

Ken Blanchard

Bain was in business. Having invested $100 million, they kept GST alive for eight years. The pension fund you mention was one of the obstacles to making these plants viable.

Yes, Romney is subject to criticism for his actions at Bain. That doesn't change the fact that the Obama ad was a manifest fraud.


You said it exactly right: "Bain was in business." The goal of business is profit and things like pension funds are an obstacle to that end. Put another way, from an entrepreneur's point of view, people exist to serve business.

Contrast that with "...government of, by and for the people", which is the overall point Obama is trying to make. It's not so much that Romney deserves any more criticism for his actions at Bain than one might direct at a honey badger for raiding a beehive, it's what they do. His experiences at Bain are not, however, job qualifications for President of the United States.

And speaking of "manifest fraud", listen to the crap Romney is spewing on the campaign trail. He's a bigger liar than Pinocchio and at least as wooden.


I should qualify my characterization of business expressed above as should you KB. Not all business people are ruthless money grubbers focused solely on the bottom line. In fact many, if not the vast majority, care deeply about the welfare of their employees.

In fact, Romney and his associates may have been very committed to their own employees at Bain. Perhaps they were/are paid a decent wage and have pension plans that will allow them to retire with dignity and a sense of security. If so, that is the aspect of his business experience Romney should focus on--not the investors-first approach that appears to be the business model operations like Bain, by their very nature, must apply to companies they acquire.

Ken Blanchard

A.I.: It was entirely appropriate for the Obama Campaign to go after Romney on his time at Bain. If they had presented a critique based in facts instead of a blatant falsification of the facts, the "appropriate subject" defense would be, well, appropriate. Instead it is an evasion.

Yes, business and government are different; however, both can be badly managed an both can go bankrupt. All things considered, I would rather have as a candidate someone who has shown that he can manage something without running it into the ground.

As for Pinocchios, I note in a subsequent post that the Administration just earned three of them. The Obama Campaign has spent a lot more time lately explaining its fibs than the Romney campaign.


Not to mention the fact that what these clips (and oethrs like them) are trying to point out is that Republicans' most popular catchphrases don't even MEAN anything, and where they do have meaning, that meaning is intellectually insulting. But then, that makes my first point, doesn't it? They don't intend to appeal to people's intellect.


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