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Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Can we compare these primary numbers to past primaries where the incumbent faces no real challenger? It seems primaries like these offer an easy chance for Dems to register displeasure with the President without really abandoning him. This isn't Kennedy vs. Carter 1980. Voters know their primary vote is moot. I suspect a lot of those alternative votes would disappear if folks thought those votes meant a convict or the GOP nominee would actually win.

And do we have turnout numbers, and comparisons of vote totals on the Presidential line with other races on those primary ballots?

larry kurtz

Crackers from the same barrel never fall far from the tree: right, Ken?

Donald Pay

Romney failed to even break 50 percent in most of his primaries. In many of them he was under 30 percent. Clearly most Republicans would prefer someone else. They are stuck the Bain billionaire.

Ken Blanchard

Romney was facing real competitors. Obama is facing nobody, and nobody is doing rather well.

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