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Monday, April 30, 2012


Bill Fleming


Donald Pay

There is a difference between risk assessment and profiling. What you've have described above is risk assessment, not profiling.

In risk assessment you have already identified the threatened party and the person and/or activity that presents the threat. So the parties are known, and you apply statistical data to predict risk of various outcomes. Profiling is different. You have a statistical understanding of a threat, a less than statistical understanding of the threatened party and very litte, if any information about the person responsible for the threat.


"For men, however, domestic homicides have declined from about 1,600 to 600. In other words, all the increased protections for women, the infrastructure of shelters and hotlines, had done a better job of protecting abusers rather than their victims…"

Seriously? Men killed by women don't even get a pretense of a chance at being victims of spousal abuse? I tend to think being killed is pretty abusive.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: Good comment; however, "risk assessment" is what you call it when you like it. "Profiling" is what you call it when you don't like it. When you are trying to figure out which person in a long line waiting to board an airplane might be carrying a bomb, it's probably not the blue haired lady. When you are trying to figure out who is trying to smuggle in a bag of weapons grade anthrax, it doesn't much matter that you don't know which city they intend to target.


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