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Monday, April 09, 2012


Bill Fleming

All this time I've been thinking this video was attached to the post below it, and have only just now watched it. It reminds me of a couple of Ole and Lena stories that I won't repeat here except to say that they are even more lewd.

My favorite Jewish story is about the reporter who was visiting Jerusalem for the first time and asked a local what all those people were doing at the Wailing Wall. The guy points to a Rabbi and says 'Ask him, he comes here every day.' So the reporter asks, and the Rabbi replies, 'Well, first I pray for the Jews to have peace. Then the Muslims. Then the Christians. Then for Everybody. Peace on Earth.... I do the same thing every day.' So the reporter says, 'Well how does that make you feel when you do that?' And the Rabbi says, 'Like I'm talking to a f***ing wall.' (Ba-dump-tsssssssssh.)

Ken Blanchard

Bill: not bad. Not as good as the joke above. Chicago says hello.

Bill Fleming

Happy Chicago, professor. Great town.

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