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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Stan Gibilisco

Sometimes, methinks that for Democrats as well as Republicans, a good hard debate, even if it seems divisive, can strengthen the party.

However, I see one looming storm that could well cause a lot of fierce debate and yet weaken us all:


What would the Brave New World Government think of our Keystone project?


Hold on: the 293-127 vote to which you refer is the Surface Transportation Extension Act, Part II, right? Did Dems defect on Keystone XL, or did they just say, "Holy cow, we gotta build roads"?


The President's feet are in cement in opposition to Keystone XL? The only thing he really opposed was the rush for approval of running it through the Nebraska Sandhills (over the Ogallala Aquifer) so I presume the cement York refers to must be from Haliburton--as in the stuff that failed to set properly and thus is blamed for the well blowout behind the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

So Cory is right KB, it was the transportation bill that contained the Keystone measure--this from the article you quote: "In the latest House vote, the pipeline measure is attached to a larger transportation bill. That now goes to a conference with the Senate, which has passed a version of the transportation measure without the Keystone provision. It's not clear whether the pipeline will end up in the final bill. But it is certain that, whatever happens, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will force another vote on Keystone sometime."

In other words, Keystone was far from the focus of the legislation (as is implied by York and yourself). The bill will go to conference where House Democrats know the Keystone language has virtually know chance of survival. Thus the premise of Democrats breaking with Obama is a crock.

Mark Anderson

Gas has already started down at the pumps, it's time to stop the gaseous attacks.

Donald Pay

Yeah, it's really difficult to argue facts when you and the entire echo chamber apparently believe the spin and lies you've put out in countless misinformed blog posts and news articles. The York quote above is particularly a big whopper. Then you either purposely spin, completely misunderstand or outright lie about the House vote. Then you also bring in the entire oil price canard. KB and the echol chamber are so caught up in the web of spin, lies and misunderstanding on these issues that they no longer know truth from fiction, so they just keep writing fiction. Those of us who pay attention to these issues aren't fooled. Unfortunately, there are people out there who just believe the spin. No wonder the Republicans can't be trusted. When you begin to believe your own lies, you're no longer fit to lead.

larry kurtz

Here, perfesser. Divide this:


Ken Blanchard

It would appear that four years of making excuses for this Administration have finally turned my cherished interlocutors into blithering idiots. If I understand the argument correctly, it is that the Democrats were voting for the highway bill because "Holy cow, we gotta build roads", as Cory put it. Okay.

Now, if anyone here can keep two ideas in his head at one time, let alone three, he might bother to ask what that would mean for Senate action on the bill. Does the Senate not care about roads? Surely if the bill is so important that you have to pass even with Keystone XL in it, then the Senate will have to follow suit. Instead, Reid is leading a filibuster against the bill. Those heartless Senate Democrats! And what about the President? He has threatened to veto it. Does he care nothing for America's roads? The debate was ALL about Keystone. This is the way that Congress works.

Sixty-nine House Democrats voted for a bill that provided for the completion of the Keystone XL pipeline. What part of that did you not understand?

Donald Pay

KB, The way to kill the project is to screw around with the process. Make this about politics over science, and the project goes down in court. Congress did this sort of political intervention for a high-level waste repository back in the 80s. Yucca Mountain was a disaster from a scientific standpoint, and has been abandoned. I hope Congress keeps up this nonsense, because it's a surefire way to end the project.


The American Society of Civil Engineers seems to have a take on the transportation bills (House and Senate) more in line with mine KB: http://www.site-kconstructionzone.com/?p=7138

Here's their contact page so you can inform them they too are blithering idiots: http://www.asce.org/Contact.aspx

By the way, numerous Google searches turned up no reports except York's of Harry Reid or Senate Democrats filibustering the House bill. Maybe--being so slow of mind--I'm just really bad at using the Google. Or, maybe York is just making shit up.

Ken Blanchard

A.I.: you are right about the filibuster. The error was mine rather than York's. He was talking about an earlier bill. The Senate has already passed its version of the Highway bill. I have pinned on my "blithering idiot" button. It's flashing.

However, this does not save Cory's point. Two hundred and twenty-four Republicans voted for the House Bill. That means it did not need a single Democratic vote to pass the House and go on to conference. Yet 69 Democrats voted for the bill with the Keystone language. That is a big defection, plain and simple.

Stan Gibilisco

Maybe the Dems said, "Holy cow, we gotta have fuel or there ain't no point in buildin' no roads."

The world's supply of fossil fuel will depend on the extent to which humanity exploits fossil-fuel resources.

Meanwhile, I increasingly consider options such as ...


World state collapse.


South Dakota is the most socialocaly faciest state in U.S.


I have lived in 11 separate states and I have NEVER experienced such a totaling state/province like this. Wow, the police have no problem on stamping our rights. It seem the densely population in the is progressive and liberal as all, but the farmers to all the west are not too educated. I like the liberal policy that guns are allowed, but conservatives think this represents conservative. Plus, church does not make on conservative, just as Lincoln's views made him a liberal, despite being the founder of NOW conservative party, Which is loony tunes compared to what it was intended. Liberal = social freedom while conservative = "you can't do that. It's moral!" Coopered to what standard? The world ideology is falling in on the plains, and conservatives are ALLWAYS on the wrong side of history. Forget about my typos

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