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Sunday, April 01, 2012


Marvin Ray

Uh-oh! Newly revealed Tweets show it was Trayvon Martin who was after George Zimmerman, not the other way around!! GAME OVER!



Agreed: such editing is grossly irresponsible and deserves punishment. But Marvin, your use of the word "game" suggests the wrong approach to this story. This is not a game. This is a criminal investigation into the death of a teenager. Dr. Blanchard is right to refrain from commenting on aspects of the case (and that's most of them) about which we know nothing.

Bill Fleming

Marvin, that's a fake, my friend. And it's not Twitter fake, it's a Facebook fake. And a bad one at that.

KB, not to say news outlets don't have an agenda, but it's clear from both of your quotes that Zimmerman was profiling. And the only thing he was right about was that Martin was black. Martin was walking home in the rain (not just walking around gawking), and he wasn't on drugs. These have both been established as true by all reports, right?

While I agree that we shouldn't jump to conclusions, one thing is for sure. Something stinks here. And none of us would know anyting about it if not for the media. Let's be careful not to shoot the messenger.


We might also wish we had a conservative media "with a sense of professional responsibility that overrides their passions and partisan views." Fox News seldom does: .http://mediamatters.org/topic/onlyonfox/

Among the many differences between NBC and Fox News is that when it is told it made a mistake, it launches an investigation. I know that many of the examples of Fox News obfuscation Media Matters cites are not in the network's "news" programs. But if a high percentage of your programming in non-news, conservative opinion untethered by fact, and even some of your news programs contains overt distortions of the truth, it would seem you would be obligated to call yourself something other than Fox "News".

So congratulations to Fox on a gotcha. Now, when do they launch an investigation into their own journalistic malpractice?


What we do know is there is much more to the story than what was first reported. This incident occurred over a month before it all hit the fan. It has been fanned by certain outlets and certain race pimps. Last week, there was an article suggesting Zimmerman had been knocked down and had his head smashed into the pavement. ABC had a report indicating he had no obvious bruises. Then we see a video that shows what appears to be a cut in the back of his head. Police reports indicate a bloodied person in Zimmerman. But this is not reported.
Zimmerman has been tried and nearly convicted in the press. I, myself, was appalled when I read what he had allegedly done. Then I start to hear more details including from an eyewitness that backs up Zimmerman's story. Whether Zimmerman was justified in the shooting remains to be seen. However, it would be nice if we were not all jumping to conclusions and if there was honest reporting being done. Instead of journalism, we are seeing a liberal/conservative fight.


I think it's wise that all of us who throw out opinions on the interwebs keep in mind that this situation is still fluid. The Orlando Sentinel says Zimmerman may not have made the 911 call

Donald Pay

Here's the entire 911 call:


I'm not sure why news outlets don't play the entire call, rather than try to edit it and spin it. In my view it is far more devastating to George Zimmerman to play the entire call.

If Zimmerman is supposedly in a neighborhood watch group, he's doing everything, I mean everything, wrong. One thing we learned in our Rapid City watch group is you don't drive around in a car playing policeman like a little kid. Zimmerman went one step further: he had a gun! And he was actively pursuing Travyvon Martin in an way that constituted stalking. It's the sort of thing a desparate sex offender might do, and for all Trayvon knew, this guy was trying to abduct him. Apparently he had made numerous calls like this to 911 in the past. If he had done anything like this before he should have been in jail for it.

Mark Anderson

If you want to use the "Stand your ground law", even if all the conservative bull is correct in this instance, which of course it isn't. Trayvon Martin was the one who had a right to use the law. The politicians who started the law don't think it applies to Zimmerman, but of course they are trying to protect the law, which has had horrible results in Florida. Again this is exactly what the police in testifying against passing it, said it would do. In our "free" society, all you really need is a good nine millimeter and a kevlar vest. Don't you think that students should be able to carry guns in class Mr. Blanchard?

Ken Blanchard

Bill: I made it clear I was not defending Zimmerman. As for shooting the messenger, I say shoot. NBC was guilty of a deliberate fabrication.

Ken Blanchard

A.I.: your use of Media Matters proves my point. We need a vigorous press on both sides so everyone is keeping an eye on everyone. I would not want to see NBC or even MSNBC go away. You'd be delighted if Fox News went away, wouldn't you?

The only part of Fox News I watch are the straight news shows. They are in fact very good. If they do what NBC did in the story above, I will take them to task here.


The self-stated basis for Fox News' existence is a lie that you buy into KB: that there is need for a counter-balance to the "liberal media" which is also the so-called mainstream media like NBC. NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN do not overtly or covertly exist to promote liberalism. Sure, something like the example you cite happens now and then on one of them and there also are examples of stories I might deem to have a conservative bias, but those network's rare lapses from presenting unbiased reporting do not necessitate the existence of Fox News.

Of course if Steven Colbert is correct in saying "the truth has a liberal bias", then the MSM too has a liberal bias. So to be "Fair and Balanced", it would follow that Fox must counter the liberal truth with conservative lies--which many would argue they do with great regularity.


A.I., poll after poll indicate the people of this country believe the MM have a liberal bias. Poll after poll indicate they trust FOX News more than the others. Whether you believe there is a liberal bias, the people believe there is one. Perhaps you are having a difficult time seeing the forest for the trees?
BTW, I do disagree with Professor Blanchard. There is not a need for FOX News as an alternative for the liberal bias of the MM. FOX News offers a different approach and the people who watch cable news seem to like FOX News more than the others. That is the market at work.

Ken Blanchard

A.I.: No. The important point is not whether a news outlet "exists" to promote a partisan view, it is how it performs. The mainstream media is shot through with bias. You frequently defend Paul Krugman. Krugman is vile partisan and an embarrassment to his trade. Has the New York Times launched an investigation?

There needs to be an opposition press. I can understand why its existence is irritating to you.


Given what we do know about this case and Florida's ALEC/NRA "stand ur ground" law, Travon was the one who should have had a gun... Why is the NRA silent on this?


WOW! Newsmax did a poll? And mainstream American Newsmax readers believe the MM have a liberal bias? And poll after Newsmax poll indicate they trust FOX News more than the others? Shocking!


FOX "news" should be launching an investigation into their own practices on a daily basis... But Ken is strangely silent on this... Why is that?

Ken Blanchard

Dave: When Andrew Breitbart distorted Shirley Sherrod's words, I took him to task for it. When he did the same with a tape of Obama as a young student, I defended Obama. You show me a case where Fox News did what NBC did in this case, I will back you up.


And Fox News did something like this when: http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/04/06/nbc-fires-producer-of-misleading-zimmerman-tape/


Do you mean MSNBC?NBC is not liberal. Its self sivnerg, like ABC, CBS, CNN, and everybody else. NBC/Universal was a subsidiary of Vivendi and is now owned by Comcast, If you think any multibillion dollar international media conglomerate is liberal I've got some beach front property to sell you.I don't even really understand what you are asking, but it seems like you're operating under the assumption that this is still the 60 s when the news media still had a duty to our democracy of maintaing journalistic integrity. HA! This is the 21st century, they are all for-profit enterprises, meaning they live and die by ratings, meaning there is a race to the bottom for sensationalism and a strong aversion to rocking the boat or attacking the status quo. Look at how they covered the run up the the Iraq war. They all towed the line.Liberal media! What a fcuking farce. We have ONE CABLE CHANNEL! Fox is a whore for conservative ratings. MSNBC is mildly slutty for liberal ratings, everyone else is a big time whore for whatever rating they can get so they try to play it down the middle.If you really think the media should be ashamed (which they absolutely should but its kind of a trite position by now) go to youtube and watch the infamous clip of John Stewart on Crossfire as he rips Begala and Carlson new assholes for exactly the charges you cite. Shirking their journalistic responsibility by staging pit fights between two ideological extremists.(My understanding is that the consensus is that Stewart's tirade is the cause of Crossfire being cancelled.)


From COLOROFCHANGE E-MAILAmetia -We are still devastated by the loss of our son Trayvon Martin, and nohting can bring him back. But today, we are heartened to tell you that justice may finally be served for Trayvon.This evening, Florida State Attorney Angela Corey announced that she will charge George Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder, weeks after he confessed to killing Trayvon and now he's in custody.For weeks after Trayvon was killed, authorities refused to arrest Zimmerman. We couldn't believe that in 2012, public officials would turn a blind eye to our son's killing. We couldn't let that happen.More than 2 million people joined our call for Zimmerman's arrest. We are so much closer to justice with the decision to bring charges against our son’s killer. We feel less alone knowing that so many people stood with our family during this impossible time.When Trayvon was just nine, he ran into a burning house to save his father's life. He may be gone, but he is still our hero. We are so thankful to all of you who fought to honor his memory. Thank you for standing with us, and with Trayvon.- Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton


Read more before you write! Trayvon was viintisg his father and his fathers girlfriend in a mixed race gated neighborhood. He blonged their, the gun nut shouldn't have been there with a gun per the rules of that neighborhood watch group! Sanford, Florida has a history of race relation problems with the black community resulting in 3 police chiefs in 5 years. You are so far off base that probably responding to you is a waste of time!!


Libdem, we really don't have any idea if this would be dinfereft if the kid were white. All we do is speculate. Any time the victim is black and the killer is not, we automatically assume there was racial motivation. Even our president decided to make this a racial issue before all the facts are out.Honestly, I hate that every time a minority has a crime committed against them (allegedly), it becomes a racial issue. Let's all remember, as well, that Zimmerman is a minority as well. But are you implying that the police approve of Mexicans more than African Americans, and that's why no arrest was made?This country is based on a legal system that is supposed to provide fair trials, and presume innocence. However, whenever an incident involves race, that all flies out the window, and people are convicted in the press rather than in court (see Duke Lacrosse case). You all may be right, and Zimmerman may be guilty as heck. And if he proves to be, I will take up my pitchfork and join you all. However, until that happens, let's afford Zimmerman his legal right to be innocent until proven otherwise.I have another question. Are you all just as angry that the Black Panthers have put a bounty out on Zimmerman? Are you angry that he's receiving death threats from people without all the facts in the case? Are all of you just as indignant when a white person is killed by a minority? Do you automatically assume that it is racially motivated as well?Lastly, it was asked How would the case be handled if the person killed was the son or daughter of a wealthy white person? I pose a similar question to you. How would you fee if the son of a wealthy white person were killed by an older minority and the police decided it was justified (or not enough evidence)? Would you be just as angry and presumptuous?


Kevin and TPOV, to assert that our jutsice system is blind to race and class is naive and erroneous. While it's great to strive for the ideal, we all know it is only sometimes achieved.The Duke LaCrosse team case is an anomaly, so is the OJ Simpson Case. How many times are star athletes held to a different (lower) standard in our culture? How much do they get a pass on almost anything if they are star players?The percentage of African American men incarcerated in proportion to all other groups is out of whack. So is the percentage of unemployment among African American men. Does this imply that Af. Am men are uniformly shiftless, lazy, and criminal? I admit that Fed. social programs developed in the 60 s were not successful but to chalk our collective failure up to African Americans' inability to thrive has no support.In Putnam recently, I drove by the US Postal Office. In front of the stately building, on the sidewalk was a large HATE poster of President Obama on a placard. Someone had drawn a Hitler type mustache on to the photograph. It made me sick. Even if I didn't admire Obama's work and intelligence . .yes, even if I was republican it would have sickened. How is this unlike the tactics of the KKK? How in the world did this appear on the street in front of the US postal office. This is our nation's President. Where are we going if this is done and allowed? And, bloggers imply that we have no problem with race in this country and that all persons are treated fairly.


I am still back just trying to get the guy aesrrted, a precondition to a trial and any conviction.As quoted by TPOV above, the statute requires REASONABLE evidence that Zman was defending himself,. Since the professional homicide detective interviewed him and determined he was not credible, Zman fails this standard and should be aesrrted. The statute also states that one cannot provoke a confrontation and claim defense. Based on recorded evidence, Zman also fails this test as he clearly provoked the incident.Another 911 tape recording was played and transcripted on the news the othernight. A man was in his house, saw two apparent burglars near his house, carrying something which he believed was stolen. While the 911 operator repeatedly told him to stay in his house, the man loaded his shotgun, and withe the 911 operator listening, went outside, confronted the two men, and shot both of them dead. The shooter was not charged due to the SYG law even though he did not seem to be defending himself.This appears to be not just one case with a remote set of circumstances. it appears to be legalized vigilantism and is receiving institutional support fromState's Attorney(s). This is extremely disturbing if this is a trend. There will be more and more people misinterpreting these laws (see above) and then receiving protection from the law enforcement system after committing homicide. it's sickening.

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