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Wednesday, April 18, 2012



A little off track, but here is a story that shows a difference between the royalty in another country and the "royalty" here. http://news.yahoo.com/spanish-king-apologizes-elephant-hunting-trip-123947810.html Notice how the apology is not about hunting, but about doing when his people have to do without.
President Obama's attitude towards his subjects is one of the reasons I believe he will face a very difficult reelection. This "referendum" on Obama includes not only the disastrous polices of his administration, but also the feeling of entitlement he and his family have when it comes to the opulent vacations he takes.


And so if you make the argument that this election is a referendum, and Obama wins? How will you frame that?

Donald Pay

If Obama "badly underestimated the depth of the nation's economic problems," then you have to say that the Republicans didn't have the first clue about how deep into an economic hole Republican policies over the previous seven years drove the economy. Yeah, Obama's response to the Republican economic disaster should have been twice as big, but you didn't support that. You didn't support saving the auto industry. You didn't support anything Obama put forward and you didn't put forward any plan of your own. And you are no different than the Republicans in Congress, because their ideas was to drive the economy further into the dith they created and then blame Obama.

Now, as to health care, that was really Congress taking so long, not Obama. It would be nice if you could keep things straight, KB, and be honest for once. Your are either a complete dunce, have a memory problem or a liar and a fake. Don't you remember your criticisms of Obama long enough to not trip over them on your way to lying about another point you are trying to make?


Donald, nobody "saved" the auto industry. The auto industry would have survived on its own. It would have just had different ownership. As it is now, we have Chrysler owned by the union and a foreign company. The government had to bribe Fiat to get them to buy the government shares. Preferred shareholders got screwed out of their property by the federal government when all of this went down. But you don't have a problem with that. GM is owned in a significant part by the government. Had the normal cycle been allowed to occur, the parts of GM and Chrysler that were profitable or could be made profitable would have been purchased by another auto manufacturer or organization. The only thing that would have been different is the new ownership would have been able to get rid of the union contracts that will continue to drag these companies down. If anybody "saved" the US auto industry, one would have to suggest perhaps there was a little bit of luck involved. That tsunami that wiped out a lot of Japan's car industry was very fortuitous.

Bill Fleming

Looks like it's taking you a few posts to get warmed up after your vaykay, KB. Not sure if you're even looking for comments here are you? Mostly just trying to find your place in the notebook where you left off before your mind went south for the winter, right?

Mark Anderson

Yes, Obama ran on health care in 2008, but gosh, he should have dropped it after he was elected. That's just great advice, I'm sure you would have congratulated him for it.

Ken Blanchard

Mark: No, he didn't. Besides, it was Barney Frank saying that. Just to bring you up to speed, Frank is not a Republican.

Bill: I wasn't on vaykay.

Dave: as I stated, the last election was a referendum on Obama. The Democrats lost 63 seats in the House. If this election is a referendum as well, and Obama wins, then Barney Frank is wrong. See note above about Frank's party affiliation.

Donald reliably confirms my point. To defend Obama he has to try to change the subject back to 'bad Bush'.

Bill Fleming

BF prediction: Both candidates will be trying to do a referendum on "business as usual" in DC and each will have a case... but neither will be able to argue convincingly that they'll be able to do anything about it... the efforts cancel each other out.

That will leave a choice between personalities, and Romney doesn't have one.

Ken Blanchard

BF: If the President were going to run against Congress, he surely would have taken the Senate to task for failing to take up his budget or pass even one budget in the last three years. He ain't.

Gary Kreie

"We are suffering through the slowest, most anemic economic recovery on record."

Isn't this kind of like an arsonist arguing that he should be the new Fire Chief, because the current Fire Chief isn't putting out this fire as fast as the last one the arsonist set?

I notice Repbublicans never say, slowest, most anemic economic recovery since the Great Depression. No point in reminding voters that they almost lead us into another Great Depression. Thank goodness for a timely election.

Bill Fleming

Seems to me the prez has been "prompting" congress quite a bit, KB.

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