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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Donald Pay

Hey, I have a study that says the moon is made of green cheese. Really, KB, you're echochamber sources churned this one out several days ago. You're getting slow on the uptick from your masters. The study was put out by Mercatus Institute, a well-known Koch-funded operation that specializes in producing soon to be discredited poof studies. This is not worth commenting further on.


Ken Blanchard

Donald: I could swear that, once upon a time, you were capable of thinking. Now you can do is spin conspiracy theories.

Mark Anderson

Lets see, 400 Americans have more wealth than the bottom half of the country and the six Walton heirs have more wealth than the bottom 30% of the country. Isn't the American aristocracy wonderful. Ken likes it. You can all be part of the thrifty working class.

Stan Gibilisco

It's obviously a political move. Tax the rich more! Placate the poor. Convince the poor to vote for you. Not a hard thing to do, when a poor person takes half a look at Barack Obama's likely opponent in November.

And the poor are evolving into a majority in these United States. Next to the fabulously rich, we're all poor! So soak the bastards. Or at least make it look that way. A win-win thing for Obama. He tried (again) to help the little people and those doggoned Republicans blocked him (again). Harumph!

Make the whole thing a referendum on Romney, that spoiled brat. The best defense is a good offense. We're headed toward a perverse feudosocialist hybrid society no matter what, just as surely as water runs downhill. Just watch! Both parties are simply looking to soften us little people all up. It will end when they sock us with big fat value added tax. Then we can sing "Forever Poor" on our way into the long dark night.


Only $47 BILLION??? Over 10 years? Than is CHUMP CHANGE! A MOLEHILL! The amazing thing is that GOPers are so blind to a $47 BILLION "molehill", but a few million for education or womens health or children's nutrition is "wasteful" and "unsustainable"... Pathetic Ken... You are a tool...


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