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Monday, April 09, 2012


Donald Pay

I don't get this doom and gloom. It really does sound like nascent Naziism.

Eventually changes are going to be made to Social Security to balance demographic changes and fiscal challenges. It's not as if the program hasn't been changed several times before. The social security system as it existed in the 1980s was unsustainable, until the politicians fixed it. But there's a difference between fixing the program and dismantling it. We've got a bunch of retrograde conservatives who want to get rid of Social Security all together (really as a payoff to their Wall Street minders), and no one trusts them to make the necessary changes without hurting the elderly, and their middle class chilfren who will have even more financial and care giving burdens to shoulder.

If conservatives really worry about declining populations of productive workers, many of their policies go directly counter to encouraging having children or adding population through immigratioin. This disconnect betweeen what you say you want and what policies you actually propose and oppose means a lot more than your hollow protestations that you don't want to kill off people, or at least make it much more likely they will die sooner than later.

larry kurtz

Fascinating, we seem to be witnessing Ken's psychic meltdown:



Oh, Don, you know not whereof you speak. You sound like that idiot legislator Grayson from Florida who thankfully lost re-election. He said too that the conservatives/Reps wanted people to just die. Ridiculous. You I am sure love Obamacare, which will eventually bankrupt the nation, which even the CBO has now managed to acknowledge. However, Obamacare has in its wealth of new regs and wonderfulness the creation of a panel that will determine who gets what and how much medical care based on age, usefulness, worth of care to length of life, etc. This, in fact, will make it much more likely that people will die sooner than later. And regarding Social Security, the Dems have proposed nothing that will ensure that it is there for the next generations; they just ridicule any attempt to reform it as "throwing granny over the cliff." There comes a time when the money runs out, and it isn't as magnamimous as you seem to believe to keep entitlements as they are, which will go broke, and to add another via Obamacare. You claim to want to protect the people, but not addressing the problems inherent in the spend, spend, spend entitlement philosophy is ridiculous and shows ignorance of basic math and economics. Oh, wait, that is exactly the philosophy of our great commander in chief, the great O, and the trusted leader of the left.

larry kurtz

lynn: yer a dunce.


Dr. Blanchard,

I ask a long winded question here: http://thedisplacedplainsman.blogspot.com/2012/04/will-states-save-medicare.html

I would appreciate hearing your opinion.

Donald Pay


Thanks for the compliment. I love Grayson, who has a good shot at winning back his seat.

Actually, the health care mandate, the Republican part of Obamacare, is not my favorite solution. I would have prefered a public option or a single payer system which would eliminate the need to mandate that people purchase coverage from the more expensive private insurance market. I view the mandate as an unfortunate concession if we are to maintain the current private health care market.

Right now private, unelected health insurance bureaucrats make decisions on what coverage people can receive. The fact is your fears about rationing care have been an ongoing problem with the current system. Our current system rations based on the whims of and employer or of the insurance company. Because it pays based on services rather than outcomes, it is inefficient and expensive. Obamacare puts an end to that.

Regarding Social Security, if you are talking about privatizing it, lynn, I hope that Democrats will stand firmly against it. I don't see the why we need to increase the retirement age, which prevents younger employees from moving up the ladder.

One of the good things about the demographics is that a lot of higher paid older workers will be retiring, allowing younger workers to move up to higher paying jobs. There will be quite a demographic pull, because there will be more jobs being opened than workers available to fill them. That will put an upward pressure on wages, and younger workers, will be able to afford higher FICA taxes.


Don, if you do not understand why we need to raise the retirement age, talk to an actuary. We have more and more being supported by fewer and fewer. This is the type of scheme that got Bernie Madoff into jail.
BTW, what makes you think that those people retiring would put an upward pressure on wages? What is the logic?
BTW, you have nailed it about unelected bureaucrats making healthcare decisions. What you missed is it is being turned over to government bureaucrats that are rationing healthcare under that monstrosity called Obamacare.

larry kurtz

Yer right, Barnes: we skinny people shouldn't have to cover your obesity:


Mark Anderson

Hey, I'll volunteer to help create more people. No problem. I'll have to ask my wife first.

Mark Anderson

Here's a good article to read on the sustainability of Social Security:http://www.epi.org/publication/social_security_is_sustainable/ and hey it actually quotes that great Nobel prizewinning economist Paul Krugman.

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