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Friday, March 16, 2012


john davidson

sorry, yawn...

larry kurtz

You and Sibby should get a room, jd: hang an effigy of the President, strangle a couple of cats, look at some porn, then pray for forgiveness for squandering your gifts from your creator as the flooding rivers of the Missouri and Mississippi send poison to the Gulf of Mexico…again.

Ken Blanchard

Larry: I realize that nearly everything goes over your head, but you might have noticed that I was defending Obama in this post.

Bill Fleming

KB, yes you were, and I for one appreciate it. Thank you.

BTW, I believe Kurtz was addressing the esteemed Mr. Davidson (he of the imaginary palamino bride.) LOL.

Ken Blanchard

Bill: you are correct. I hereby issue a retraction of my intemperate remarks about Larry. I misspoke.

Donald Pay

Like any theory, CRT can be pushed too far, but there is something to the fact that "institutional racism" has been and continues to be a problem.

You can start with slavery, where a slave's work went to building the assets that enriched white families and for generations built the American economy into a behemoth that excluded blacks from full participation. Slavery had a huge impact on black family structure as well as on the economics of black families and communities.

Purposely depressed wages for Mexican Americans working in mines were common in the Southwest until the 1960s, and some mines purposely excluded Mexican Americans from working at all. For generations some of the skilled (and higher paying) positions were off limits to Mexican Americans. This sort of discrimination was interesting because many of the southern European miners who worked some of these mines at reduced wages as well gained "white" status in order to keep Mexican Americans out. Of course, the Chinese were excluded from many jobs as well.

When you look at this over centuries, the capital assets that has been lost to many minority families has been enormous. Those assets went into building institutions and enriching white families, who could take advantage of those institutions to further their accumulation of wealth, education, and status.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: having scars left from a disease is not the same thing as having the disease. No one doubts that previous racism and ethnocentrism in America has left scares, and I don't think anyone seriously doubts that racism still exists in America. I know very well that it does.

However, saying that Harvard is guilty of "institutional racism" because it doesn't have enough professors of the right color (as Derrick Bell did, flamboyantly) is an abuse of language. It is an attempt to call something you don't like something that no one likes so you can compel the changes you want. the problem comes when you call it something that it manifestly is not.

Moreover, CRT's solutions are vacuous. Does it really do anything to end "institutional racism" to hire a few token professors? Fixing the problems that CRT addresses is a really big task. CRT has nothing to offer that will help.

john davidson

wake me up when something is happening...Larry, bro, you are losing me...


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