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Monday, February 20, 2012


Bill Fleming

Sound like an interesting guy. Technology of course is not a quibble. Far from taking sides as to whether or not it "has been more good for us than bad" it is in fact what defines us as a species and dictates which aspects of our culture will advance. We are approaching a time where the concept of humanity and technology are inseperable (...he types pensively and ironically into a little box on a computer interface to an unkown audience, more or less unconcerned with the correctness of his keystrokes, the validity of his claim, or the fact that he really should be showering and shaving right now...)

Donald Pay

The significant findings of the study and your admission is that the drill casing and surface facilities are to blame for the pollution that has cropped up. But that's been pretty clear for a long time. These are the very things exempted from Clean Water Act regulation, and why Clean Water Act Regulation should apply. It's good to know you agree.

Ken Blanchard

Bill: I agree in part and dissent in part. Yes, technology is so much a part of what we are now that we can hardly conceive of our existence without it. However, the emergence of technological society was hardly necessary and there is nothing that makes its continuation inevitable. Islamic societies were once far advanced in comparison to the Christian West. Those societies eventually gave it up. There are other examples. The forces of counter-enlightenment are always at work.

Donald: The question is not whether digging wells involves problems but whether fracking involves special problems of its own. Apparently, this is one problem that it does not have to solve.

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