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Saturday, February 04, 2012


larry kurtz

Israel should be a county in Utah.

D.E. Bishop

You said, "The preferred method for dealing with unruly nations is to bring international pressure against them and deploy sanctions. This method is preferred in part because it is relatively cheap in lives and treasure. It is preferred for the most part because it allows one to defer difficult decisions almost indefinitely."

Do you really think that politicians consider it preferable to get Americans killed rather than make a difficult political decision? Argh!

I am liberal, and I really struggle with not supporting Israel. I think they have taken some very provocative actions regarding the Palestinians, Israeli settlements, the wall, etc. But on the other hand, what are they supposed to do?! They live in the midst of nations that have zealously pledged to exterminate them?

I don't think there is an easy answer. What is yours?

Bill Fleming

Time to dial down the sword rattling already. Broker a deal allowing Iran to develop nuclear energy but limit the level of enrichment allowed. Okay, that's the carrot. The stick is "unless of course you'd rather have your country end up looking like Iraq does right now."

Stan Gibilisco

... or like the surface of the planet Mecury.

Stan Gibilisco

Oh gawd, how do these gremlins get into my spelling? "Mercury."

Ken Blanchard

D.E.B.: I say the opposite of what you suggest. Most of the time, as Churchill put it, jaw jaw is better than war war. Not always. Putting of the inevitable is one of the chief causes of WWII. As for solutions, I plainly state two.

Bill: I would love to send you to Tehran to broker a deal. You would fail. Obama has failed. Waiting and hoping is what the Ayatollah is counting on us doing. The stick only works if the donkey thinks you are really prepared to use it.

Stan: The only way we would ever use Nukes on Iran is if they used on of theirs first. Making sure it doesn't ever come to that is the only sane policy.

Donald Pay

ElBaradei's book, "The Age of Deception" has a very detailed unraveling of years of failed efforts to address the nuclear issue with Iran, efforts that just missed success several times because of domestic politics either in America or in Iran. As leader of the IAEA, ElBaradei played middle man in the negotiations between two very different American administrations and Iran. The issue is a lot more complicated than claiming people are "Hitler."

Among the issues you might want to consider is what would be the effect of a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities on Pakistan, which has at least 50 nuclear weapons. ElBaradei believes there would be an immediate shift of that country toward the radical Islamic elements, and those nukes might be turned on us. Certainly our troops in the region would be in grave danger.

I think the recently announced speedup of force withdrawal from Afghanistan might be linked, in part, to such an understanding. If Israel attacks, our troops in Afghanistan would be in serious jeopardy. Getting them out on a speeded up timeline may indicate that the US expects an attack.

Stan Gibilisco

Even if Iran did nuke Israel, I'm not sure that the United States would nuke Iran. But Israel (assuming they have The Bomb) sure would.

Bill Fleming

KB, Hillary would do a better job of it than I would. Or you.

Ken Blanchard

Bill: You, I, or Hillary, would fail.

Bill Fleming


Maybe, KB... but think about it. Iran is toast. The only reasonable thing they can do is cooperate.

Ken Blanchard

bill: I hope you are right. I don't see why you think that they might do the reasonable thing.


"The only reasonable thing they can do is cooperate."

When dieing for your religous beliefs is considered righteous? They could care less what the consequences are...that's the point!

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