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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Donald Pay

Why didn't Obama mention Bowles-Simpson? I suppose it had to do with the fact that Republicans refused to enact anything close to what was recommended. The fact that Hunt and you have short-term memory problems doesn't mean the President does. Been there, done that, Republicans won't do it. Move on.

We've finally have a President who spends a little time with the 99 percent and working on important issues with issue papers from those outside the inner circle, rather than making nice with the elite and the Washington insiders. That's something to celebrate.

You seem to view the elite and insiders as some sort of release from the bubble. You have it exactly backward.


Yes, I see him with the 99 percenters out there on the golf course all of the time. And they are always surrounding him at Martha's Vineyard and in Hawaii! This guy is the definition of the "elite". He wants to "help" the 99 percenters, but please, don't make him mingle with them. He might start to smell like the rest of us!

Ken Blanchard

Donald: yeah, the 99% at that fantastic vacation home in Hawaii. Meanwhile nothing is EVER his fault, is it? He ignores his own commission. Why? Both sides were offended by the report. That's a sign that it was a step in the right direction. It's the President's job to encourage them to take that step. Whatever he is doing before ten at night, it isn't his job. But good try making excuses. You are a shining example of the long line of enablers that made him what he is today.


I guess he doesn't have any manners or he just doesn't want to get re-elected! See you on Charlie Rose all the time. Like your views!

Bette J. Mooney

Stan Gibilisco

As I see it now, Obama will win no matter which Republican opposes him.

In the minds of most Americans, Obama will successfully paint any Republican opponent as someone who would help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. He almost has me convinced of it.

President Obama will conveniently neglect to mention the real possibility that four more years under him will render all of us poor, except an exceedingly rarefied minority (including himself).

Mark Anderson

Ken, how long has Willard Mitt Romney been running for President, six years? How long has the GOP's main goal been "to make Obama a one term president"? How badly did the GOP leave the economy when they had charge? Remember, they came in under a big surplus, took just two years to turn that around, thanks Mitch. You have a curious definition of enabler, Obama is favored by the majority of American people over any Republicans candidate. Your side seems to be the one with self-destructive behavior.


This insular/aloof/absent theme is about all Republicans have left to campaign on...if the economy continues to improve. I understand your partisan motives for promoting it KB. Hunt's and others' criticisms you've noted are a little harder to understand. Perhaps they are so certain Obama will be reelected they think their critiques will do no real harm and only prod Obama to be what they consider a better President. One thing is certain, they are not advocating for the four remaining Republican hopefuls.


8 years under the definition of HUBRUS (W) but now, suddenly your offended? Get real...

Ken Blanchard

A.I.: no, the Republicans have nothing to campaign on, other than the fact that there are about a million fewer people employed now than when Obama took office. I understand why you want fervently to believe that one month of statistically generated job growth means everything is now fine. Labor force participation is at its lowest level in 30 years. That alone makes the unemployment figures look good. If you consider the underemployed, as Gallup does, the figure is about ten percent higher. I might also mention the utter neglect of the national fiscal crisis by the Administration, but I know by now that you refused to acknowledge that.

You cannot understand why some on the left criticize the President. I have presented a case based on a considerable number of sources, all of them on the left more or less. They paint a very consist picture of our Chief Executive. Everyone can see it but you and Donald.

Mark: Obama will leave the next President (perhaps himself) in a dramatically worse position economically and fiscally than Bush left him. Maybe he will spend the next four years as he has this one: blaming his predecessor Barack Obama.

Dave: I did not accuse the President of HUBRUS, of even hubris. Al Hunt did. I focused on his insularity.

Truth Be Told

Who really cares other than the typical Republican politicos if the president walked out on Jeb Bush's speech? Al Hunt is trying to make himself relevant. Bottom line: Obama is going to win re-election in 2012 and the continuous sniping by the righties will continue.

larry kurtz

President Obama has two young daughters with whom he is enraptured: family guy, good ethics, good morals. Too bad he inherited any number of shit sandwiches from his predecessor and has had to rely on drone strikes instead of the courts.

Stan Gibilisco

If not for those poo-poo puffs that President Obama inherited, we could engage our furies by roasting President McCain.

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