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Saturday, January 07, 2012



Please check out this petition to ask the President to reverse these illegitimate recess appointments. 150 signatures needed to get this one public on the White House website. Sign it if you agree that this over reach of executive power should be shored up before it's too late. Republish the link on as many sites as you can to increase it’s visibility (facebook and twitter are good places, and use the shorter link if you post to them).


If you have problems with that link try the shorter one they gave me:
http://wh.gov/Wgv or try using Google Chrome.


I am wondering how disconcerting I would have found these types of appointments had they been made by W. or President Gingrich/Romney/Perry/Santorum in the future. I am hoping first and foremost the next President will actually have at least some respect for the Constitution. I also hope I would find this type of action by the next President to be disconcerting.
The problem we have is unless this is reversed Constitutionally, there is a precedent. Naturally, the Democrats would be outraged, but we expect that from the likes of Kerry and Reid. What this dictator does and gets away with will leave open the door for future Presidents.
David, I really doubt this President will pay any attention to any petition. What public opinion is has nothing to do with what he does.

larry kurtz

Tim Johnson says this thing is destined for court suggesting an opportunity for an inquisitive university professor turned executive to occupy the courts. Should be a fun year for us students, right, Doc?

And with perfect timing, expect AG Holder to exercise the nuclear option.

You guys are toast.

larry kurtz

btw, Ken: nice pic.

Mark Anderson

It's simply Obama calling a bluff by the Republicans. If you want to change an agency that you voted into power, you don't do it by refusing to let it function.

Ken Blanchard

Mark: yes, you (Congress) can change an agency by refusing to let it function. Withholding funding is an essential power of Congress. What the President can't do is call a bluff by exercising powers not granted to him by the Constitution.


Obama trying to end around the rules?....Shocked....I am just Shocked!

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