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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Donald Pay

Your link does not lead to Peter Carrels. I'll check back later. Maybe it will be updated.

Pete wrote the definitive history of the Oahe Irrigation Project, and the fight against it. "Uphill Against Water" is a must for anyone wanting to understand much of the political history of South Dakota during the last half of the 20th century. The people associated with the Oahe fight were heros to me, and I was lucky enough to get to know and work with some of them. Pete is the expert on the James River, and spearheaded efforts to protect the river from being turned into a ditch for irrigation return flows, to clean up the river and to make it work like a true prairie river again.

Ken Blanchard

As Donald notes, the link I posted led to the previous show. I will post a link when the most recent show becomes available.


The show that is currently playing is worth the watch as well. Where else can you see two political scientists, a sociologist, a pastor and two mice in the same room?

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