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Thursday, January 26, 2012


larry kurtz

Daniels rocked by energy scandal:



Newt is promising a moon base (and sharks with lasers)... That makes sense I guess...


Your invitation to "...take another look at what the WaPo is talking about" is a bit misleading in that the chart that follows is not from the Post. It is from what many of us would consider the far less credible and anyone in their right mind would term far more partisan National Review Online.

The projection seems to assume all future budgets will be a out-of-balance as last February's. If so, its totally bogus fear mongering--a charge that also has no small degree of merit when applied to Mitch Daniels' SOTU response.

Stan Gibilisco

Our President does seem to lack concern over the growing national debt. I can imagine only three possibilities here:

(1) He intends to destroy the American economy and then build it back up according to some other paradigm;

(2) He believes that the national deficit and debt are not true issues, but merely theoretical figures that mean nothing in the real world; or

(3) He knows the danger, and hopes that the American public will eventually get spooked enough by the huge national debt to accept a new value-added tax (VAT) as the "least bad alternative." In that way, he can "Europeanize" the American economy. (Like that would make us better off, eh?)

I do not believe (1) at all. Or should I say, I refuse to believe it, as I refuse to believe theories such as the "birther" thing, or to sit around fearing that I'll get struck by a meteorite. Just too improbable (and too horrible).

I suspect that (2) might be true. If so, let's pray for us all. Heck, maybe he's right ... If nobody fears the Reaper, than what real Power has She?

I suspect that (3) represents the most likely case. If so, Mr. Obama is taking a mighty big gamble with the lives of all Americans and most people in the civilized world. If our national debt (or investor fears thereof) causes an economic collapse, who knows what will happen? We could end up with a civil war or even a revolution. The outcomes of those sorts of events tend to defy prediction. We could see a military dictatorship or Marxist regime or right-wing cuckoo's nest or God knows what. In any case, Mr. Obama would almost surely not find himself at the helm.

Ken Blanchard

A.I.: do you have a better chart? That one is based on the CBO scoring of the President's last budget. Does he have a better chart? I can well understand why you want to dismiss any attempt to project from current policy. Neither you nor the Administration has offered any long range projections that are not "fear-mongering". That proves my point.

Mark Anderson

Gee, what was Mitch Daniels job in the last administration?


Hey Jimi! Are these "inflation adjusted" dollars?

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