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Thursday, January 12, 2012



Neither one of them care. The money they are spending isn't theirs. I have given up on CA. I think they should secede and face their own stupidity. The answer for the rest of the country is to get rid of this administration and its ridiculous policies.


Where Larry's token "Earth Hater" comment? We could all use a good laugh right about now!

larry kurtz

Bill Janklow sold the railroad that became a foreign interest, sold the cement plant to foreign interests, Brohm was foreign...take about an earth hater.

larry kurtz

Railroad rights of way in South Dakota are toxic waste dumps that contribute to non point source pollution...yep, Bill Janklow.

larry kurtz

South Dakota is broken:


Montana's Senator Tester is working with Warren Buffett to bring high speed rail through Montana that (if I have my way) will skirt South Dakota:


Bill Fleming

I'm all for it. Trains rock.


In 2005 SD got $1.50 for every dollar in federal taxes paid...

Is KB worried about the competition?

california politics blog

California politics are obviously complex and building a consensus in a now polarized population makes things a real struggle. Californians really need to relearn what it means to be bipartisan and work toward compromise.

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