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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Donald Pay

Lots of parallels to the US right now. The center right party in Greece tanked the economy, leaving it for the center left party to pick up the pieces. The center left party tried to be fiscally responsible, but the center right party wanted to play politics. When you have an obstructionist and irresponsible center right party the only course is to go to the people. Papandreou showed guts and trust in the people. There's a lesson here, and the Republicans better pay attention.

Headshots Los Angeles

At first i thought that the Greeks voting on the EU Bailout was silly. Now i've reconsidered. The Greek people would revolt if their leaders made this deal. Now the People are going to have to take responsability for the bailout.

Thad Wasson

What two world wars couldn't do, the German bankers are about to accomplish. That is, western Europe under German control. The only way out for Greece and the others is to ditch the Euro and go back to their own currency.

Stan Gibilisco

For those people who want to re-fashion the U.S. economy to more closely resemble that of the European countries, we see some chilling news and some lukewarm news.

The chilling news: If we do it wrong, we'll end up worse off than we are now. Examples: Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece.

The lukewarm news: If we do it right, we'll end up okay (but maybe no better off than we are now). Examples: Germany and France.

All of the European countries have higher tax burdens than we have, including the one tax I especially hate: the value-added tax (VAT).

For the record, I say let Europe stay European, and let America stay American.

The common denominator I see, regardless of tax policy or political-spectrum orientation, goes like this: If we live beyond our means, we'll sink. If we live within our means, we'll stay afloat (assuming that an overwhelming number of the former types don't sink the whole world).

larry kurtz

Germany is the power in Europe because of its strong bond with unions. CBS reports that 15% of Americans are among the poorest of the poor. If the Oakland protests turn any more violent, expect a general strike that will reverse whatever economic recovery consumers have salvaged from the flight of wealth that the 1% have taken from the people.

With winter descending on the northern tier of the US and Canada, the people that cannot afford to flee will begin dying, not just on the reservations, but in the small towns that have been abandoned by America.

Mark my words here, failed red state of South Dakota, unless the rich share, democracy as we have known it will perish.

larry kurtz

The good news? With the rich killing the economy, carbon emissions are down.

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