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Thursday, November 24, 2011


Donald Pay

I hate to burst your Thanksgiving bubble, but the autocratic financial technocrats are in charge here. We still have some freedoms. Watching the police overkill at some Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, however, makes me think they'll be gone soon.

You can look to Michigan, where the Republican-Tea Party Governor has given himself the power to appoint a crony financial capitalist to take over cities, towns, counties and school boards, all supposed elected positions. No democracy there, unless you toe the fascist line.

Of course the bailout of the financial institutions is Exhibit A, but Exhibit B is the attempt to delay and gut reasonable financial regulations that would prevent another round of middle class bailouts for the rich banksters. Thanks Republicans.

I saw this coming a long time ago, watching how the financial industry corrupted local and state government in South Dakota. Wake up, KB.

The Democrats are just a little bit better, but too many of them are totally sold out to their financial puppeteers.

Who's fighting back? Occupy Wall Street. Better thank God for them on this Thanksgiving day.

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