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Saturday, November 26, 2011



The REAL COST of the OIL!!...Well...Governments like oil much more! How do US get our oil from countries like Iraq and Libya?How much does it cost to base our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines in the Middle East to ensure to have an uninterrupted flow as we mainline 20 million barrels a day of black gold into our veins?If you figure the annual cost of US military into the $3.50 a gallon (or more) you pay at the pump, the price of gas is close to $10 dollars a gallon.Your $500 million in subsidies for solar is chump change compared to the $800 billion we spent in Iraq and the $1.2 trillion a year we spend to ensure the safe flow of oil with our "defense" department.
Care to demonstrate how the use of oil and US and ALL the World military spending is sustainable when all of the money eventually goes up in smoke and out the tailpipe? and we don't consider the cost to clean the ocean because of the Oil Ships, or disasters like the BP one, explosions, CO2....etc.etc...The cost of the OIL is huge and the governments continue to offer some huge subsidies to the oil lobbies...We should double or triple the help for the clean technology research cause in a few years it's already much cheaper than the Oil (if you consider all the costs I showed before)


Here is an article I read just before coming here to take a look. It appears that pipeline to the coast is not necessarily a done deal. http://hotair.com/archives/2011/11/26/reprieve-on-the-canada-china-oil-connection/



We get majority of our oil from (3) sources where we don't to use the military to guard it:

#1 The U.S.A. (25%)
#2 Canada (22%)
#3 Mexico (20%)

The problem with your theory is that even without subsidies oil is still cheaper, because the technology to efficiently shift from oil does not exist. Also, the subsidies for oil are in the form of tax breaks, there is no actual money flowing from the government to oil companies, where as with clean tech requires direct government spending just for research and development which unitl the entire energy infratructure was modified would not contribute anything to the economy. Wind and Solar are only capiable of producing energy on a small scale, and that should be used whever possible, but to system are still too expensive to make it a large scale factor. Since the techonology is not available yet to begin the shift in the energy infrastructure, it doesn't make much sense to quit using oil does it?

The reason people like you don't understand the debate is because you don't understand the efficency involved. You have to lie to everyone and try to scare them into beleiving that irreversable damage is being done. Crude Oil is used for some 6000 products, and for every 42 gallons of crude oil, 19.4 gallons becomes gasoline and the rest of the refinement materials (over 50%) are used to make things like this:


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