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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


larry kurtz

Black men shouldn't be President unless they leave a string of white women on their backs in motel rooms, right, Doc? Get real: President Lincoln's first term looked just like the one you white guys have given to President Obama. Wake up and smell the grits, amerika: Barack will whip whichever earth hater emerges from the Reagan look-alike mold.

Ken Blanchard

Have you always been a racist, Kurtz?

Bill Fleming

Curious that there has been another embassy attack (Great Britain) in Iran in just the last few days. These are volatile times. I wouldn't put much stock in any polls at this time. Too many irons in the fire on too many fronts. I'm just sayin'.


Kurtz and his liberal friends remind me of Christmas lights---They all seem to hang together, only about half of them work, and none of them is very bright.


Ken, the answer to your question would be "Yes", and he always will be.

larry kurtz

I started about 1492, it got worse on December 29, 1890; and in January, 2001 after Bush v. Gore, I began hating all white people with R's after their names. Obama in 2012!


Larry, it must really eat away at your insides seeing as there are so many people to hate. And living in the state of SD must really grind you up inside. If I were you, I would pull up stakes and move to a state that has a lot more people with D behind their names.

larry kurtz

Typing from Santa Fe right now learning from the masters from within the DCCC, Barnes, and will be back in to the chemical toilet in May after the primaries have selected an earth hater for you to love.

Hope you freeze your ass off.


So ah, KB... How are the GOPers doing? And The GOPers in Congress, how are they polling? You're gonna do a bit on them, right? I didn't think so...

Ken Blanchard

Dave, you amazing man! The only polling I know of on the "GOPers in Congress", as you put it, is the "generic question". Democrats are four points ahead in the Quinnipiac poll and Republicans are five points ahead in the Rasmussen poll. So?



"Congressional job approval remains at 13% in November, tying its all-time Gallup low. The 2011 average is on track to be the lowest annual rating of Congress in Gallup's history."

My point being that Obama's approval is 3 times that of Congress...

Donald Pay

Well, let's look at Obama versus the opponents:


Only Romney has a chance to topple Obama. Romney probably isn't going to get the Republican nomination. If he does, some credible conservative or libertarian alternative (Paul, Palin) probably will run an independent candidacy and the Republicans will lose the election.

The two leading Republican opponents (Gingrich and Romney) are as fake as it gets in politics. Neither can take a position on anything that they haven't argued forcefully on the other side. Both have been solidly in favor of the individual mandate, a conservative idea (Heritage Foundation). Obama's health care plan may be unpopular, but the most unpopular part of it is the conservative idea of the individual mandate, which both Gingrich and Romney supported.

Obama would be in a world of hurt if someone from the left runs a credible independent candidacy. I don't see that happening.

Ken Blanchard

Dave: Congress is not "the GOPers". Yes, Congress is unpopular. That is always true, even if the numbers are unusually bad. What matters is how people vote. It still looks like the GOP will hold the House and may well take the Senate. The GOP usually does rather better in any election than the generic poll predicts. There is no news there.

The fact that Obama has been polling well below 50% for months looks a lot more significant. That can be compared against every president since WWII, and it looks bad for Barack. I am not making predictions, I am just paying attention to the news. I was also defending the President, in my fashion.

Ken Blanchard

Donald: I tend to agree with much of what you say, but I have not the confidence you have in predicting what is possible. It may well be that Obama is so damaged that almost any Republican challenger will win. I don't say that is so, but one can certainly make that case.


@Donald I agree on this with you. It seams that no matter how low is Obama, other side stands even lower than him.

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