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Friday, October 14, 2011


larry kurtz

Prof. Schaff: yer just plain silly.

"In fact, the president appears to have raised more than all the Republicans combined." http://www.npr.org/2011/10/13/141329202/obama-fundraising-outpaces-gop-challengers


Does political science have a variable defined for when voters give up on a current political system as having any relevance or usefulness to their lives? When people don't think who wins an election matters any more?

larry kurtz

It's called Occupy Wall Street, Anne.

Jon S.

Yes. It is either "apathy" or "revolution."

Larry: Incumbents almost always out raise their opponents, but somehow incumbents also manage to lose from time to time. Also, maybe you should read the post again. I think Obama will win. Fundraising is part of my reasoning. I just haven't written that post yet.



Occupy Wall Street does not represent the majority. There may small elements within the protest that do, but the overall messaging so far, does not speak to the majority.

As of right now...we have moved a great distance from the Free Market system, a battle that started with FDR, weakened with the Great Society and now pushed over the edge by Obama. People are pissed now that they are starting to understand the various Ideological agendas. So in context of Anne's comment, "Does political science have a variable defined for when voters give up on a current political system," the answer is "Yes, vote anything but that allys with the Progressive Agenda."

Occuupy Wall Street so far has only sent the message of more of the same attack on the Free Market coupled with a non-traditional social engineering agenda....all of which is clear that the majority of the population roundly rejects.

larry kurtz

Occupy Wall Street represents a majority, just not yours, Meidinger; the 'free market' exists only outside american constitutional law.

Stan Gibilisco

In my view, a majority of Americans can identify with some of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement's sentiments. But only a small minority would go the whole distance. I read a list of their "demands" awhile back and it amounts to a spruce goose that could never fly. For example, forgive all debt -- just reset everything to zero all over the whole world.

The full menu of these bozos is worse than "999," a ticking time bomb for the middle class that would make the Bush tax cuts seem like a firecracker by comparison.

The only Generic Republican that I can see -- in the old-style sense such as Gerald Ford -- is Mitt Romney. The rest of the Republicans are all clowns, and not very good clowns, either, because I always thought clowns were supposed to make me laugh, but these characters just make me want to cry.

larry kurtz

Resistance to the Predator Class has begun: http://www.blogforarizona.com/blog/2011/10/the-predator-class-is-in-full-panic-mode-over-the-populist-occupy-wall-street-movement.html

Bill Fleming

Jon are you going to take into account the possibility of an Independent candidate?
Seems like that may be the last card to drop.

Bill Fleming


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